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Backup Image for Vuo+Uno

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  • starcomday
    • Jun 2011
    • 609

    Backup Image for Vuo+Uno

    Vu + UNO-VTi Team Image - V 3.0 21.07.2011 Kayacan * Private Backup
    Backup backup hazırlandı.Alınan by me this day to re-test the device, installed, tested, and then extend out to you.
    4 satellites are fully up to date Backupta my own settings.
    Turksat and its satellites Eutelsat Backupta Picon s installed.
    Backupta CCcam-221, was 213 Mgcamd 1.35a and Oscam0.99 + CCcam.
    Skin Backupta V2.94 was used as a HD Glass 16.
    Backupa added a new driver. (Vuplus-dvb-modules-vuuno-2.6.18-7.3-4.4.3-20110715)
    I need all the plugins that add-ins installed.
    Red + Green + Red + Long Long Long Green + Yellow + Yellow + Blue + Long Blue keys for easy access to some of the menus and various functions installed.
    VU + UNO is a new device, developed and refreshed for the first time as a result of backupunu veriyorum.Yorumlarınız attempt to give the best backups.
    Use the friends good-bye.
    NOTE: VU + UNO 3 days of each image by me trying out a device that tests successfully geçmiştir.Oldukça fast.[/CODE]

  • arsamj1981
    • Sep 2010
    • 795

    Re: Backup Image for Vuo+Uno

    AAF Enigma2 Summer Image Vu + Solo backup @ isayuksel

    First, download the latest version of the new image to usb cihazımıza installing: Installation Instructions for the picture Vu + Solo USB Stick

    Needs to be done after the installation, after installation, settings::


    Seçilidi HDMI.
    1080i is selected.
    Turkish language was chosen.
    DHCP on the network.

    Can I search for channels or channel list at this point we can install ready.

    (4) Vu + Duo-channel search and bookmark create

    4 different methods to throw the Channel List (Contacts).


    VU + Plus in the current channel setting on the HDTV Channel Setting loaded. (July 28, 2011) @ galaxy2002

    Menu> Setup> Satellite Configuration> Settings section came Tuner Tuner configuration.


    Tuner A: (simple) DiSEq A / B / C / D: 42 ° / 13 / ° 7 ° / 19.2 °


    Menu> Setup> System> Audio / Video settings:
    4:3 content is as follows: Just Scale
    > 16: P content is as follows: Just Scale
    Green Key (OK) and recorded.

    Menu => Add-ons section of the press to come Kumandamızın Green (Add-on Download) is pressed. Downloading plug-in information ... Please wait ... The system may display a message in the form of plugins into categories will be listed after their stay. When you press the OK button on your remote control by pointing to the categories of any plug-ins will be listed in that category.


    Downloadable add-ons => systemplugins under the "Autoresolution",
    Downloadable add-ons => systemplugins under the "Satfinder" was established,
    Downloadable add-ons => systemplugins under the "startupservice",
    Downloadable add-ons => systemplugins under the "softwaremanager",
    Downloadable add-ons => extensions under the "virtualzap",
    Downloadable add-ons => extensions under the "vlcplayer",
    Downloadable add-ons => extensions under the "weatherplugin",
    Downloadable add-ons => emus under the "vuplus-CCcam-2.2.1",
    Downloadable add-ons => emus under the "vuplus-cccam-config" is established.

    CCcam.cfg file / usr / keys are. Here you can edit the server by entering your information.


    Menu => Setup => System => Time Zone: (GMT +02:00) Athens, Istanbul, Minsk
    set as the startup service: Channel D

    Downloadable add-ons Other add-ons that are not blue iiçin kumandamızın key is pressed.
    Addon-Manager, point to the drop-down menu kumandamızın We press the OK button.
    Download Manager drop-down menu on the OK button is pressed while the kumandamızın.


    Was My****


    Hacksat-Keys-**********-e2_1.1-30102010_mipsel.rar download and update k.ey do.
    To set up Hacksat telnette
    Export MALLOC_CHECK_ = 0
    ipkg install-force-overwrite / tmp / Hacksat *