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Picon cleanup utility

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  • sonc
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    • Jun 2010
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    Picon cleanup utility

    Picon cleanup utility

    Originally Posted by MiLo@OpenPLi
    Built a small script to clean up Picon directories. What it does:

    - Looks for picons on whatever you've mounted.

    For each picon path found, it does the following:
    - Convert symbolic links into hard links (more efficient)
    - Remove all png files that aren't service references.

    This is definitely not convenient if you are creating or editing icon sets. But if you're just using them, the script will typically reduce the number of files in the picon directories by about 40% and also cut the number of directory accesses needed to find a picon in half. And it removes unused icon files.

    Just copy the script anywhere on the box, and run it from a telnet session (for example, "python /tmp/piconoptimizer.py"). No need to stop or restart enigma2

    Unzip the attachment & follow the instructions above.
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