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KickInABox V1.3

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  • frezz
    Experienced Board Member
    • Mar 2010
    • 589

    KickInABox V1.3

    KickInABox V1.3
    - Added README.TXT preview window (zip file download only)
    KickInABox V1.2
    - After writing key.bin to RAM, written data is automatically verified (data is red back and verified against loaded file)
    - Changed "Compare" button to "Verify" button (check ram buffer and file buffer for differences)
    - Added ram and file buffers hex dump panels with diffs highlighting
    - Added README item in "?" menu

    Q: I want to see diffs between RAM data and a file on my computer
    A: press "FromFile", select a file from your hdd, answer NO to following question.
    Press "FromRAM", press "Verify"
    Q: I want to see diffs between RAM data and a file on the web
    press "FromWEB", proceed as above

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  • rasanansa
    Board Senior Member
    • Mar 2011
    • 288

    Re: KickInABox V1.3

    Good old humax 5400!
    Alternatively to KickInABox V 1.3 you can use also DSR 9500 EMU Ed56_CW.
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