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How to get Maximum Signal from your Motorised set up

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  • piterro
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2010
    • 126

    How to get Maximum Signal from your Motorised set up

    To make sure you are getting the best from your set up make sure your motor elevation is set up correctly ?
    Forget about the scale on the side of the motor try this check that the pole that your dish is mounted on is dead vertical & that your Dish is dead central on the motor spigot:-
    1/Make a note of all the major satellites signal quality,Ref, extreme west,extreme east,& weakest satellites such as 26 east ect,
    2/Go to your reference satellite,(nearest to the centre of your satellite arc re your longitude),{This must be at zero on your motor scale},
    3/Raise the Motor Elevation up by 2mm then adjust the Dish Declination for maximum signal,
    4/Make a note of of signal quality on all satellites previously logged,
    5/Do the same again with the Motor Elevation 4mm lower than current settings then adjust the dish declination for maximum signal,
    Now check your readings if the signals go up on all logged positions when the motor elevation was raised but went down when it was lowered then raise the motor elevation another 2 mm & adjust the dish declination for maximum signal,then check all the satellite positions again for signal quality,
    I they go down then your previous settings were the best if they go up then you may need to continue on this route that will eventually lead to your dish & motor being set up correctly for maximum signal possible all you need to do now is to check that your Lnb is in the correct position in the Lnb holder {furthest forward to furthest back whilst viewing a signal meter} it is only by carrying out this procedure that you will achieve the maximum signal possible from your set up.

    Strongest Transponder's a Dish Setter's Guide

    Degrees--Satellite--Freq---S/R---TV---------------------signal quality
    48 east Hot Bird-2 no signals atm
    45 east Intel 12 11644V 3700 VTK TV -----------------------84%
    42 east Turksat 3A CNN Turk 11804V 24444-----------------85%
    40 east Express AM1 MTV+O 11600V 4340------------------81%
    39 east Hellasat-2 12606H 30000-------------------------------84%
    36 east Sesat 12532H 12545H 2734 Medi 1 Sat ---------------77%
    33 east EB-3 TV8 Monte Blanc 11098H 2442------------------71%
    31.5 east Astra 2C no signals atm in UK on west beam
    31 east Turksat 1C 11014V 4800 Berat-------------------------74%
    28.5 east EB-1 11428H 27500 B Shorts & ITV HD ------------81%
    28.2 east Astra-2D 10847V 22000 BBC-1 & BBC HD---------84%
    26 east Badr-4 12523H 27500 Kuwait tv -----------------------63%
    23.5 east Astra 3A 11515H 27500 Sat-1 -----------------------73%
    23.5 east Astra 1G 11914H 27500 TV Noord ------------------84%
    21.6 east Eutel W6 11010H 2592 KNN ------------------------54%
    19.2 east Astra 1M 11509V 22000------------------------------85%
    16 east Eutel W-2 11471V 29950 TVR-3 -----------------------78%
    16 east Eurobird 16 10892H 27500 Carli TV --------------------70%
    13 east Hot Bird 9 11766V 27500 Rai Uno ---------------------84%
    10 east Eutel W-2A 12506V 2000 RTV-------------------------78%
    9 east EB 9A 11747H 27500 La8/La 9 Sat ---------------------79%
    7 east Eutel W3A 11283V 27500 M6 Swiss --------------------80%
    4.8 east Sirius-4 12073H 27500 Inter+ -------------------------83%
    4 east EB-4 12532V 6500 Data feed ---------------------------76%
    3 east Eutel W2M 11471V 27500 BBC Persian -----------------81%
    0.8 west Thor-5 11325H 24500 BBC World--------------------81%
    0.8 west Thor-3 11747H 28000 Kanal D -----------------------63%
    1.0 west Intel-10-02 12642V 27500 Pratech -------------------74%
    4 west Amos-2 10722H 27500 OTV ---------------------------62%
    5 west AB-3 -12542H 27500 MCM Belgique ------------------84%**
    7 west Nilesat 11862V 27500 City 7 tv -------------------------50%
    8 west AB-2 -11011H 27500 CNN Int -------------------------74%
    11 west Expess AM44 New satellite no signal atm
    12.5 west AB-1 12662V 3928 Zagros --------------------------78%
    15 west Telstar 12 12589V 4503 Simaye-Azadi------------------76%
    18 west Intel 901 11056H 1950 Telereporter Sud ---------------58%
    22 west NSS-7 12735H 18085 Canal Algeria -------------------73%
    24.5 west Intel 905 11674V 27500 NTA------------------------76%
    27.5 west Intel 907 11665V 13020 C5 --------------------------81%**
    30 west Hispasat 1C 11931H 27500 RTPA Int------------------81%
    31.5 west Intel 801 No regular transmission
    34.5 west Intel 903 11473V 2480 Data --------------------------83%
    37.5 west Telstar 11N 11658H 4250 in DVB-S2 data feed -----50%
    43 west Intel 3R 12651H 30800 EWTN--------------------------70%
    45 west Intel 1R 11510H 26694-CCTV-F------------------------77%
    58 west Intel 9 11477H 26463 BT Tower A ----------------------59%
  • satman72
    Experienced Board Member
    • Jun 2010
    • 3550

    Re: How to get Maximum Signal from your Motorised set up

    Good post but signals level you've posted are just for your location.
    I'll give you all some general rules for a good motorized installation.
    First of all check your pole installation, with a level, it must be not inclined in any direction. This is the basic for a good motorized installation, all then will depend from how did setted the pole.
    Second, find which is the reference sat in your zone, it depends from your position you can use the calculator on this page:

    it is in italian but not difficult to use for all.
    When you've find the reference sat, then you need to know what are the two limits satellites (the most western and most eastern) this depends ever from your position and from the open space you can watch with your dish.
    First of all point your dish on reference satellite, set the motor for right elevation, and move the dish both with motor on pole. When you've find the reference sat lock the motor on pole and don't move it from pole anymore.

    Now you need to set declination, in most of tables enclosed into motors it is written. Set the right declination and then adjust the elevation in conseguence. Now try to move the motor on closly east or west satellite and check the signal. Try to push up and down the dish with hands (don't force it much or you'll bend it) and watch signal's meter, if it will decrease when you'll do it your declination is ok. If you'll see the signal go up pushing up the dish, this means you've setted too much declination, if it will go up when you push the dish down it means declination is not enough. If it will happen, turn back the dish on reference position and adjust first declination then inclination for max signal. This you need to repeate untill the eastern the western and central satellite signal will just decrease when you'll try to push up and down the dish.
    Just click on thanks button if my post has helped you
    Don't send me cline requests, technical or premium server questions in PM! I'll not answer!


    • galingo
      Board Senior Member
      • Jun 2010
      • 263

      Re: How to get Maximum Signal from your Motorised set up

      on the scale of the engine you have to put the coordinates of its latidudini and tilt the disc with small movements as has already told the friend satman72. if the reference satellite has good signal and extreme because it is not necessary to be more precise with the angle of the engine.