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Al Jazeera Mediterranean Award Information

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  • suix
    • Feb 2010
    • 64

    Al Jazeera Mediterranean Award Information

    Al Jazeera will receive the 2010 Mediterranean Prize Information. The award, considered today the most prestigious in the world, will be delivered by the Mediterranean Foundation, which also organized the event, June 13th at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples.

    The day attending a delegation of the TV will receive the Peace Totem Molinari, a symbol of dialogue in the world.

    Considered among the chief means of communication and information in the world, according to the jury, the Arab broadcaster was able to disseminate information fair and equitable between the Arab world and the West, contributing decisively to the birth of a ' public opinion in Arab countries and the spread of the values of listening and dialogue.

    "In the new global scenario - state president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso - the issuer is now an important means of connection between the two companies and a key vehicle for dialogue. The hope is that this award is an incentive to respect the dialogue between different worlds as the Western and Arabic. "

    The Mediterranean Foundation was founded in 1994 and is an international non-profit social utility (NPO). They include scholars of the Mediterranean, diplomats and international political bodies currently or previously engaged in problems of the Mediterranean.

    The Foundation is the leader of the Italian Network of Euro-Mediterranean Foundation Anna Lindh "for the Dialogue between Cultures; Member with participatory status at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, founding member of the Euromed Non-Governmental Platform, the Euromed Platform Youth of the European Movement International (MEI), Network EuroMeSCo of COPEAM, the Alliance of Civilizations and Cultural Council of UPM.

    The Foundation acts as a point of reference to stimulate partnerships in an increasingly globalized and multicultural world, especially between the Mediterranean, Europe and the Arab World. Together with its partners and its offices - located in different countries - a "network" of people of different cultures and traditions in civil society that recognizes the member countries the key to progress in fundamental rights, security policy, in culture, economics, science, sustainable development, communication and information.

    Strives to develop the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and to strengthen relations between Europe and the Arab world for this purpose has been with the League of Arab States, the "Maison des Alliances." The Foundation promotes international understanding through the promotion of awareness of local identity, social and cultural needs of member countries of the Mediterranean Union (UPM) to the League of Arab States by encouraging their closer interaction with a view to strengthening the values and shared interests in the observance of fundamental human rights and gender equality, especially developing intellectual cooperation and training of human resources in multidisciplinary areas.

    It is an organization devoid of sterile tape and in which each resource is invested directly in the field: the large number of partnership agreements entered into and civil society partners and institutions active in several projects - together with the quantity and quality of actions achieved - are indicators of the concrete results achieved. Develop dialogue between societies and cultures as a means for fundamental rights (civil liberties and political rights, economic, social and cultural equality between the genders), democracy and justice by pursuing the values of mutual respect and appreciation of differences .

    The organization is a tool for finding solutions to unresolved problems in order to eliminate threats to peace through strategies of peaceful coexistence, is a vector of cohesion and complementarity to achieve common management of the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf, including through policies of the European Union (Union for the Mediterranean, the Neighbourhood Policy, EU - League of Arab States, etc..) and UN (Alliance of Civilizations). Facilitate the participation of actors of civil society institutions and networks, platforms, forums and other forums for dialogue by encouraging existing links and partnerships to avoid duplication and consequent waste of resources.