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Compare Satellite to Other High Speed Internet

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  • anacondama
    • Jul 2010
    • 643

    Compare Satellite to Other High Speed Internet

    Cable and DSL high-speed Internet typically provide better high-speed Internet connection options and speeds compared to satellite services. But satellite far surpasses dial-up connection speeds when cable or DSL services are not available in your local area

    Compare Costs
    The monthly cost of satellite high-speed Internet typically exceeds the cost of Internet services available through cable or phone providers. Because of the added equipment and special calibration during install, equipment and installation prices range into the hundreds of dollars unless a promotion is available from the satellite service provider. If multiple options are available for Internet in your area--compare the costs between all the providers--and choose the service that fits budget.

    Compare Speeds
    According to HighSpeedInternetAccessGuide.com, Internet download speeds from a satellite connection range from 768 kilobytes per second up to 5.0 megabytes per section, which is comparable to digital subscriber line (DSL) services but slower than cable Internet or broadband services. Broadband speeds currently rank at 7.0 to 8.0 megabytes per second.

    An important consideration when thinking about satellite Internet includes installation. Accessing satellite services requires special two-way dish and communication equipment installed inside and outside of a residence or business. Many cable providers and phone companies offering high-speed Internet only require a quick connection and a modem.

    Download Thresholds
    Most satellite service providers limit users to download threshold caps under Fair Access Policies to ensure that all users receive the same service. Penalties imposed by those who violate the download threshold include slower Internet access speeds during specific periods.