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GOM Player

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  • mehran667
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2010
    • 156

    GOM Player

    * Security patches (Solving vulnerabilities when downloading a logo file and executing external files)
    * When using the Intel chipset graphic card, text error fixed in a particular Renderer.
    * Bug fixed ; mismatching problem between SRT subtitles and assigned code-page
    * When saving SRT subtitles sync, it will changed to SMI.
    * Problem fixed ; codec finding in some MOV files.
    * Bug fixed ; when keeping file handle after finishing playing OGG, MKV file.
    * Bug fixed ; when playing MP4 by an imbedded source filter, recognize problem about some MP3 audio streaming.
    * Improving downloading OGG file-playing function.
    * Improving damaged FLV file-playing function.
    * Improving local MKV file-playing function.
    * Error Fixed ; problem when connecting some external file splitters.
    * Bug fixed ; problem that pop-up finding subtitles page when trying to play a file which does not exist.
    * Error fixed ; problem that making unintentional file-names when capturing audio/video of on-line videos.
    * Error fixed ; video black-out problem in some conditions.
    * Changing format of bookmark file to Unicode type and Improving speed of reading/writhing of bookmark.
    * Adding shortcuts about move by a frame (next frame : Ctrl + > , former frame : Ctrl + < )
    * Adding sizes in "Easy Browser" option. (1280*1024 / 1920*1080)
    * Adding Exit information to jpeg file captured.
    * Add disabled filter list