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DiSEqC-products used in flat distribution

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  • lulezim
    • Mar 2010
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    DiSEqC-products used in flat distribution

    DiSEqC-products used in flat distribution
    Many users take advantage of a common antenna is available for a variety of methods. These methods are summarized as follows:

    multi-switch using satellite intermediate frequency (IF), sharing
    a single cable distribution systems,
    user-controlled processing systems
    of them all DiSEqC protocols, using both a simplified architecture provides both components of the cost decreases.

    Multiple switches using satellite intermediate frequency (IF ) sharing
    , for example 13 degrees East position in the Hotbird satellite in the entire broadcast of the apartment distribution system shared the following elements are needed:

    There are four satellites intermediate frequency output with a Quattro-LNB (vertical altband horizontal altband, vertical üstbant horizontal üstbant). The output of the frequency band sub-band for the 950 and 2050 among the top bands for 1050 and 2150 MHz is.
    Each user number of users up out of (or cascade by binding the number of independent output obtained) a multişalter.
    Cascade (altalta) connected The first five signals multişalterde a multişalter system input (a Quattro-LNB, four of arafrekans input for connection to satellite, one of the terrestrial (ground) to connect the antenna) is located. According to the model of four, six, eight or more may be output to the user. Cascade can be linked multişalter system signal input without changing the same signals entering record outputs by the number of users to the system library is used.

    Multişaltere users who connect each single user in a system, the user receives satellite signals, all of the same takes. Four satellites intermediate frequency input a multişalter Table 1 at the switching options from 1 to 4 ones uses.

    If 4 greater than in the satellite position required if 8 satellite arafrekans access a multişalter should be used. Multişaltere Quattro-LNB can connect these two. Such a very selective switching can be done only DiSEqC techniques thanks this was possible.

    Eight satellites arafrekans access a DiSEqC multişalter (often a terrestrial antenna input by the addition of 9-input is) still many manufacturers produced by the market are sold.

    Image 17 de cascade that can connect to a typical Multişalter system is an example. 4 for the first box and the user has a self-amplifier. The second stage of the first one (pass) output depending on whether the output or additional 4 users can be connected.

    Image 17: Hirschmann'ın cascade that can be added DiSEqC multişalter system (level 2.0)

    DiSEqC - the protocol currently in an apartment distribution system, satellite search frequency technology with more than two satellite position (eight satellite polarity) kulanmaya floats. DiSEqC - Seviye1.1 use the theoretical 256 or so satellite polarity choose from can be made that each 4-pole with 64 satellite locations exploit is possible.

    Single-wire distribution systems
    Multişalter using satellite intermediate frequency signal distribution to make some buildings may not be possible. Especially compared to existing terrestrial broadcast satellite TV distribution lines should be replaced in the event. A central distribution system is already in the building and that detached from the center of each circle is not possible to draw a line. In this case will be added to the satellite channels or headend center panel VHF-/UHF- channels dönştürülerek system will be given and in this case a limited number of additional satellite "satellite receiver can be used" by users viewed, Or a satellite search frequency polarity as prompted by the transponders broadcast will be collected.

    IF spectrum re- Selected publications transponder was converted and re-arranged in a single cable is deployed in the center of this system is different from choosing a distribution as possible did not want. However, in modern full digital distribution via a single cable DiSEqC Level 1.1 or. 2.1 system provided by the fully flexible specification with up to 30 digits for each of the upper and lower bands, vertical and horizantelleri that at least two satellite positions (8 polarity) with a single cable distribution to be realized.

    This type of system he is working. 950 to 2150 MHz frequency between the satellite channel is divided up to 30A. Users (maximum 30) common in the cable distribution of the channel allocated to it only uses one. To switch the user to control up their own channel to watch now that he will connect the satellite transponder. Contact the transponder broadcast analog or digital radio or TV is, or a multimedia broadcast (Internet) by the matter.

    Naturally, this concept of 30 apartments with more than one cable DiSEqC distributions but also (more cable lines using) can be applied. Thus, major sites of hundreds of channels consisting of broadcast distribution is carried out.

    Image 18: A DiSEqC - Single-wire distribution system,

    user-controlled processing systems
    normally described above, the signal distribution systems or multişalter system, whether you want single-wired distribution whether in all cases high (IF) frequencies (950 - 2150 MHz) capable of carrying a new line of cables requires the withdrawal. But it's often used in buildings furnished only to be suitable for this type of distribution for the distribution of non-terrestrial broadcast coaxial cables have been laid (capacity of 900 MHz in six) are present. Cable change is sometimes very difficult job. In this case, low efficiency coaxial cables or portable to bring the publication frequency of a lower band (usually UHF) to reduce required.

    We have a DiSEqC single cable system in the frequency range (950 bis 2150 MHz) is limited and about 30 users for a reasonable cost, another frequency band to convert it is very difficult.

    DiSEqC Level 1.1 with an apartment in the distribution of a single user-owned or single cable distribution with be realized in all publications and multimedia services can be taken opportunities realized a new opportunity more have emerged.

    this system in the building headend distribution in the center of each user receiver modules are . The style of this module the user's system in just a single receiver from the following command will make the appropriate choice of switching. You get digital satellite receiver is analog (as provided in DiSEqC 1.1 level) with a single command is sent to cable systems as in the satellite transponder is selected. Receiver module, all the transponders (about 33 MHz bandwidth) or VHF-UHF-frequency fields will be converted to. Modulation changes are made. Cable to connect the user is located on the side kablomodemi. Broadcast satellite transponder that sent the modem back arafrekans (IF) band converts. Cable modem, satellite receiver sends DiSEqC commands also (TV distribution system way back in the low-frequency band used as a) above with 15MHz center (headende) sends. . This system was established before the success of what the quality of the analog broadcast system that is linked with the built form. Normally up to 10 users utilizing the system in single-wire system of distribution that can be made to the user 30 can perform the same. Of course this system with a single cable system, various combinations are also possible.

    Image 19a the user-controlled processing system works, shows

    images 19a: User-controlled apartment buildings satellite distribution system.


    Satellite receiver, DiSEqC - level 1.1 compliant must be 950 to 2150 MHz satellite between frequency bands, all publications may be in need.
    Satellite receiver sends DiSEqC 1.1 signals received in the will of a transponder which satellite position, frequency, bandwidth, polarity as information contained should be.
    Apartment distribution center box in the satellite receiver from the DiSEqC command sets the information contained in looking at the desired satellite transponderinin Dedicated to the buyer who wants to broadcast low-frequency (VHF / UHF) channel sends put. (That is the only cable system that user channel IF while the user-controlled distribution of these RF (VHF / UHF) channel is.)
    receiver side is the antenna jack and satellite receiver in between, a cable modem device running again, the receiver's IF input required by the satellite IF frequency converts.
    a user-controlled picture 19b apartment with satellite distribution system is device kablomodem.