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Panasonic is the preferred choice of consumers when buying a TV with 3D

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  • findeciclo
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    • Oct 2010
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    Panasonic is the preferred choice of consumers when buying a TV with 3D

    Panasonic is the preferred choice of consumers when buying a TV with 3D technology. This emerges from a study by the OCU in which Panasonic is the brand with the highest score. The study aimed to know the views of users around the 3D technology is the result of the survey of 419 consumers. The study includes a comparison of market leading brands in this sector from different benchmarks. In this sense, Panasonic is the brand Rated achieved in three of the four sections are considered: resolution, 3D effect, legibility of the subtitles and value. In total, as overall rating, Panasonic gets 86 points, compared with 82 from LG and Sony, or 80 and 72 respectively Samsung and Philips. The findings of this study represent a reward for Panasonic to its commitment to 3D technology. Samuel Andreo, Product Manager at Panasonic TV says: "The way to watch TV is changing. Now, not only important to the content of what is seen, but the image quality and the ability to exploit the use of this device. " In the field of 3D, Andreas explains that "Panasonic has sharp images thanks to the new phosphor technology that prevents interference in 3D." The use of new phosphors switching has significantly reduced the time afterglow. Thanks to this, the time of issue and the process have also been improved to minimize mutual interference of the frames for both right eye images and left sides. Another example of Panasonic's ongoing commitment by the 3D TV is the recent agreement with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Sony Corporation and X6D Limited (XPAND 3D) in which they join forces with the common goal of developing standard 3D glasses for the consumer. The active glasses offer the best image quality in 3D images showing 3D Full HD in each eye, as well as greater freedom of movement thanks to Bluetooth technology.