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First UARS - Second ROSAT

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  • ecsbox360
    • Sep 2011
    • 30

    First UARS - Second ROSAT

    So, after the more or less "safe" reentry of UARS some days ago there is another satellite on his way back to us.

    It's german satellite ROSAT (RÖntgenSATellit, german for x-ray-satellite)

    Because of big glass and ceramics parts it will survive the reentry and parts ~400 kg could reach the surface.

    Heavens-above states the orbit with 258x264 km (~160 miles).
    Twitter-account ROSAT Rentry says the same and states reentry for 23rd October (+- a few days)
    Twitter: HERE
    Heavens-Above: HERE
    Wiki: HERE

    Inclination of ROSAT is 53°, so northern Europe and big parts of Canada and Russia are safe.

    So, second chance within a month to get hit by a satellite, estimated re-entry in 18 days.
    Dislikes the Chinese Openbox Receivers, so much..