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CCws keys

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  • Hunk2012
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    • Sep 2010
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    CCws keys

    EUTELSAT W2M (16.0°E)10972 V 27500 3/4 CCws
    D 0BAA:000000:0518:00CC:03B7:: DA 4B A1 C6 52 4F 98 C9 45 47 05 91 86 F9 2C 5B ;Fox Life (16.0°E)
    D 0BAA:000000:0519:00CD:03B8::23 6B 15 A3 65 50 2E 13 99 FE 77 0E FA 44 E5 D3 ;Fox Crime (16.0°E)
    D 0BAA:000000:051A:00CE:03B9::76 C8 71 AF 37 C5 C6 32 DB 9E 91 0A 4F 5A 35 2E ;National Geographic (16.0°E)