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  • sonc
    Experienced Board Member
    • Jun 2010
    • 1504

    Dream Elite Forums

    The "old" dream elite forum (_http://www.dream-elite.net/forum/) now carries the following message, while the "new" dmm-elite (_http://dmm-elite.com/forum/) is no more.

    Dream Elite Team was born from a group of enthusiasts of satellite receivers and Linux. The development and deployment of Linux-based systems has now long since gone beyond the mere scope of the personal computer. Linux receivers currently offer fans the best performance and the largest range of potential and personalization in the field both from a standpoint of GUI application development. Because of the great potential that obviously can be used for both good and evil we have witnessed the development and the phenomena of piracy with the emergence of pay- servers that use card- sharing over the Internet to offer Pay TV. Pay TV without a regular subscription results in illegal profits to the detriment not only of television providers but also the whole community of fans of TV and this kind of receiver. The whole community have become victims of a real smear campaign that has implemented the equation " Linux Receiver = Pirate "

    At the same time we have seen the emergence of another form of piracy that is not going to hit just television providers, but the producers of Linux-based decoder with the sale of " Cloned Products " These are manufactured at bargain prices from companies who did not in any way invest in the development of the platforms in question and offer no contribution to the continued development. The same limitations just make an unfair competition through the sale of cloned copies of the same products making unjust gain to the detriment not only of the original manufacturers but also the fans that develop applications for free. Dream Elite Team considers these forms of piracy both highly dangerous and destructive for all true hobbyists and enthusiasts who want only for the satellite community to grow in peace and in full compliance with the law.

    Our dream would be to be able to use Linux-based receivers in a legal manner for the sole purpose of being free to view television with a full Pay-TV subscription in full compliance with applicable laws. It is our belief that our hobby and passion is now in serious danger. Satellite piracy and in particular the widespread use of pay- server card- sharing services and companies producing clones are going to be fundamental to our demise. The spread of piracy is in fact destroying the group of fans in favour of the category of “smart incompetent " buying Linux-based receivers just to make illegal use and " scrounge " in some way the viewing of television providers without paying for rights. The most serious consequence of this phenomenon is the unleashing of a great witch hunt that no longer distinguishes between fans and pirates.

    The possession of a Linux receiver such as a Dreambox is now considered illicit and gains automatic qualification into the world of piracy. Recent publications in many computer magazine articles also associated the use of a Linux based receiver only with its possibilities with illegal use and automatically stigmatize owners as pirates. All this could lead to forms of persecution of the holders of such boxes or otherwise of these products thus depriving real enthusiasts and all those who use these decoders in a perfectly lawful manner. On the other hand the companies that produce clones at bargain prices and contribute nothing to the development are undermining the profits of the original producers. We need to show some loyalty to those who invest time and money and allow us with their investments to always have new and updated software and hardware ensuring not only the present existence of our favourite devices but also future development and evolution at the same time. The Dream Elite Team has always dissociated from both these forms of piracy and the production of clones is firmly at the heart of current bad exposure of our passion.

    It is for these reasons that the Dream Elite board has always banned any discussion regarding the use of illegal keys in Linux-based receivers, prohibiting in particular the discussions on the sharing and use of card keys in soft cams. In reality, the Dream Elite Team has even led to an opposite extreme in prohibiting discussions about setting up cams even if they were for the exclusive use of reading a legitimate subscription card. With the current prevalence of piracy our philosophy for enthusiast will always be “better safe than sorry.”

    To protect manufacturers, original contributors and combat clones that the Dream Elite Team has also not only banned from their forum threads regarding clones but also taken active measures in combating this phenomenon. Whilst we empathise with many users we now face prospect of our work and philosophy being destroyed with the alteration of its software and the dismantling of images being altered in combination with external servers and addons for misuse other than our original intention.

    For all these reasons, the Dream Team Elite will address only the true fans of the hobby and those who want to peacefully enjoy your satellite for pure passion and in full compliance with the law and the work of developers and of the original manufacturers. To those who pay a regular subscription to pay-TV which users and uses Linux-based receivers for product quality and not to play to make piracy network and also feel offended by being branded as pirates despite the regular payment of subscriptions and the cost is not indifferent to addressing this hobby.

    The Dream Elite Team at the moment has suspended all of its activities and therefore appeals to all true lovers of Linux -based receivers to make a stand against piracy and actively combat the spread of clones in order to preserve the destruction of this legitimate and wonderful hobby and to protect it from possible destruction.

    Piracy and unfair competition are not just battles but they are self- destructive. There are real and more important battles to fight. Let's work together for the sacred right to use a SINGLE DECODER Let's work together for the right to use the satellite receiver and DTT of our choice , whether it is Linux -based or other we should not forced by large networks to use only the decoder of their choice. Otherwise instead of getting a law on freedom and the right to use a receiver of your choice will have the contrary, as is already happening now with the persecution of Linux-based receivers and the preventive and indiscriminate accusation of piracy too. Those who use and pay regular subscription fees of hundreds and hundreds of pounds to the largest national providers have no choice and it is largely your own making.

  • runmo
    Experienced Board Member
    • Jun 2010
    • 4644

    Re: Dream Elite Forums

    At the moment dreameliteteam has indeed suspended their activities dew to personal reasons (family related).
    But I think dreamelite will be back in the future. Anyway I hope so as it's a great image, not only for dreambox but also for vu+ duo.
    The latest image can still be downloaded and used, but there isn't online server support (cams, plugins,skins etc...) anymore at this time.