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MaZ Manager for AzboxHD

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  • satman72
    Experienced Board Member
    • Jun 2010
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    MaZ Manager for AzboxHD

    Version MaZ 3.0

    Module configuration
    - Added an option in the configuration that keeps the size and position of the window, as well as some other variable.
    - Columns are modified FIRMS, plugins, etc. The first column now brings three sections (FIRMS official newspapers and FIRMS FIRMS KGD), the second two (plugins and cams) and the third is to see updates from the last start of the program.
    The program connects to various servers now and we'll have the top two buttons (except FIRMS), one to download the file and one to install it directly in Azbox. Clicking on these buttons will appear different links where we can download it, if we decide to download it to our disk or flash drive, the program automatically generate the file plugins.lst or need.

    Telnet Module

    Is placed above the console is a button bar. In the bar has been placed the copy and paste buttons, reboot, etc and two buttons that contain a list of the script system we had before on the right, leaving this part only for the user scripts. Thus, the names of the scripts of the system are translatable and remain in a separate file, so the file is not overwritten scripts.ini with each update.

    Channel lists

    - Added the ability to change data files *. dat DVBTa.dat and DVBC
    - It also adds a new concept "My Settings", which is nothing that can save our configuration of satellites and antenna so that, when we open a channel list that only contains the file all_channels.dat use our default settings and can correct the list if there are problems with the indices of the satellites (which do not match those on the list with those of our configuration)
    - Added a new button to the right of the buttons up and down the list to update the list from KingOfSat. From this new window are chosen sopciones satellites and we want and then have the opportunity to view and change the channel to be deleted, modified and will be added. This also modify the list of satellites with transponders or changes in them.
    - Added a new function in the menu list of favorites that allows us to import lists of bookmarks to another list or a list AzboxHD Enigma 1 Enigma 2. If the list is Enigma is necessary that the channels are already tuned to our list or otherwise will not appear if a list of AzboxHD this is not necessary and if we send a list of favorite channels that we had not tuned, these are created automatically.

    - Also supports a command called reload I created and which is installed in the last firm KGD. this command recharge Azbox memory channel list and recording reservation without rebooting. That yes, this only works if we have the deco in standby or turned on but in a different menu of TV, otherwise we will always appear the window and restart. Much eye on this: For a bug in the TV API recharge antenna_list.dat and DVB files *. dat is not possible without rebooting, so if you have made changes to the configuration of the satellite antenna or you will have to do manually restart the deco though you reload the list without rebooting.

    http://www.speedyshare.com/files/22782182/MaZ_3.0.zip .
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