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CCcam Azbox HD

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  • osi43
    Experienced Board Member
    • Mar 2010
    • 2950

    CCcam Azbox HD

    CCcam 2.1.1 Azbox HD.rar
    CCcam 2.1.1 Tutorial for AzBox HD
    1. Download and extract on Your PC archive Cccam 2.1.1 AzBox HD.rar
    2. Connect on Your AzBox HD by FTP manager 3. Enter the /EMU directory and transfer there directory lib which islocated in extracted archive on Your PC. When transfer is finishedselect all files and give CHMOD 755 to them.
    4. Now, enter the OpenXCAS folder on AzBox HD receiver, so You willhave /EMU/OpenXCAS , and transfer there two files : module.seq andopenxcas.conf which are located in OpenXCAS folder of extractedarchive. Give CHMOD 755 to that two files.
    5. Now transfer in /EMU/OpenXCAS folder named as dvbapiCAS which islocated in OpenXCAs directory of extracted archive. Enter in thatdirectory, so You will have /EMU/OpenXCAS/dvbapiCAS and give CHMOD 755to 3 files : dvbapi.sh , dvbapi_module and openxcas.conf .
    6. Do not forget to add Your C or N lines to CCcam.cfg file which is located inside of /EMU/lib directory.
    7. After You start dvbapiCAS from Plug-ins -> OpenXCAS -> Camdactivation & priority , You can test if CCcam is running byentering this in Your Web browser : azboxhdip:16001 , in my Case, my AzBox HD in my LAN has IP adress, so I am entering .
    That is all for now, with this You have CCcam 2.1.1 Client and Server Installed on Your AzBox HD device
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  • satman72
    Experienced Board Member
    • Jun 2010
    • 3550

    Re: CCcam Azbox HD

    Here video tutorial how to install cccam on az box hd.
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