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New LT7th OE1.6 for DM800HDse released!

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  • starcomday
    • Jun 2011
    • 609

    New LT7th OE1.6 for DM800HDse released!

    Been some time since we updated the image but now we managed to do it. Our lifes does contain more than Dreambox and to mention some of it, heart-attack, divorce, by-pass operation, unemployment, too much work, children, moving to new house/apartment...

    I think you got the picture that Dreambox is not at the top of the list in our lifes right now...

    LT6½ actually was LT7 but we added new feature to this image so we decided to make a release of LT7. We have kept the LT6.HD skin as the skin, due to we like it, any skinner out there who wants to make skin? If yes we could add to our download server.

    The new cool feature of LT7 is our brand new LT MSN Plugin. Keep contact with your friends on MSN direct on your Dreambox, get notified when you have new email to read. You will get most out of this plugin if you have a DMM keyboard.

    DM8000HD PVR

    Experimental and might not work well!

    OE 1.6

    dm800, dm8000, dm500hd, dm800se, dm7025 20110506

    dm800, dm800se #82
    dm8000, dm500hd, dm7025 #83

    20110811 Experimental

    LT revision:

    1. My**** plugin can again be started from LT MediaCenter
    2. Weatherchannel been updated with new html-code
    3. UPnp and DLNA support been updated, djmount as DLNA client and uShare or Mediatomb as DLNA servers. Still no LT GUI for Mediatomb so it is only for users who knows how to install things manually and create start/stop scripts (sorry).
    4. Latest release version of Gstreamer thanks to Fraxinas at DMM, this is still not in normal CVS image.
    5. Listing a directory with many movies in LT MediaCenter was slow but now it is fast again.
    6. For you who has DVB-T/C mixed in your dm8000 you might have noticed that default settings did not work properly. There is now a work-around in Enigma2 for this thanks to Acid-burn at DMM.

    1. New LT MSN plugin first release!

    We hope you enjoy it...as we do!!!


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