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DVBViewer Pro 4.5 is released

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    • Sep 2010
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    DVBViewer Pro 4.5 is released

    HTML Code:
    The changelog:
    Unicode support
    * EPG and file handling is now completely in Unicode.
    * mp3 tags (Music tags) are also in Unicode.
    * The databases are now in Unicode (UTF-8).
    * The Recording file name is in Unicode now.
    * The OSD shows Unicode correctly everywhere.
    * The User Interface shows Unicode correctly everywhere.
    * Channel names and favorites do NOT use Unicode for now.
    * Change: Play lists: The play list loader now detects UTF-8 encoded and non UTF-8 encoded files and loads them accordingly.
    * Change: Teletext: Integrated the new Teletext engine by Griga. It is fully Unicode compatible and contains a lot of improvements.
    Custom Renderers
    * Added two new Renderer types: “VMR9 Custom” and “EVR Custom”. You can activate them in Options → DirectX → “Use Custom Renderer”.
    They are based on D3D9, so your graphics adapter must fully support DirectX9. They use the hardware to composite and render the output and are DXVA and DXVA2 compliant (DXVA2 only for Vista+ and EVR), note: your video decoders must support this.
    If you activate the custom renderers the DVBViewer checks if there are Dlls missing. In case they are missing, it displays a warning and asks you to install the files from the MS website. These files are not essential for the renderers to work, but if you want to use the shaders, you will need the files.
    Known limitations:
    o EVR only works with Vista and windows 7.
    o You can not mix custom and normal renderers. If you select one method you have to stick with it (Video A/B and DVD). PiP does NOT use the custom renderers.
    * Add: D3D Exclusive Mode: Works only with custom Renderer activated and skinning of the main window deactivated.
    You can activate with a tweak in the setup.xml section “MPEG” with the entry
    <entry name="D3DExclusive">1</entry>
    Of course it only works in full screen mode. You can't access the popup menu or any other window. You can only use the OSD.
    * Add: Pixelshaders can be selected to apply various effects on the videodisplay including an anaglyph 3D shader for side by side 3D transmissions.
    Windows 7 support
    * Add: An Overlay Icon for the DVBViewer taskbar symbol, showing the recording status, thanks to rago (W7 only).
    * Add: Taskbar thumbnails: New Icons for the Taskbar Preview thumbnail buttons thanks to rago
    * Add: Support for Windows 7 jump list (right click on the programs taskbar icon). The jumplist entries are defined in the file “jumplist.ini”. You can add max. 10 entries. The format is:
    [name]=[DVBViewer commandline parameter(s)].
    Some examples are included (channels only work for Astra 19.2E users).
    * Fix: Vista/Win7: Fixed application freezes if the virtual keyboard of windows was used.
    Fix: Prevent Screensaver: On windows 7 and Vista the screensaver was prevented even if the setting was deactivated, due to changes made by MS.
    * Fix: OSD: Fixed high system load for 3 secs after channel switching.
    * Fix: OSD Media play back window: It was not possible to set an individual time out for it in the windowdef.xml.
    * Change: The timeout of the MiniEPG browsing is now set to the OSD timeout.
    * Add: Demo OSD Skin: The Volume bar is vertical to demonstrate the use of a vertical progress bar.
    * Add: OSD Skin Controls: New control: numeric input field. It is very similar to the Up/Down control but without the arrows.
    * Add: OSD Timeline: The settings of the time interval are now saved and restored.
    * Fix: OSD Timeline: It was possible to cause a negative time interval.
    * Change: OSD Timeline: Prev/Next: Switches forward/backwards by day. You can't jump before the current date.
    * Add: Play symbol is shown in the OSD if you go from Pause to Play. You can adjust the timeout for this display in the Setup.xml section "OSD".
    <entry name="Playtimeout">1000</entry>
    The value is measured in Milliseconds, default is 1000 (1 second).
    You have to add in the skin file "videoinfo.xml" an according element (image) with the ID = 26.
    * Change: The action "Show Current Info" (8264) shows now if the MiniEPG is active, the details of the top EPG Entry of the MiniEPG. If MiniEPG is not active it shows the EPG details of the current or time shifted program or on recording playback the details of the recording (if any).
    This action is a toggle. If the details are shown, calling this action does go back to the previous OSD window.
    * Add: A new tweak in the Setup.xml section "OSD"
    <entry name="Volumedelay">500</entry>
    The value describes the timeout of the Volume Display in milliseconds. Default is 500.
    * Fix: OSD Listview Control: The vertical spacing problems are gone.
    * Add: Custom Date/Time formatting for some values.
    For the following #Tags you can use a custom Date/Time format:
    An example can be found in the Demo OSD skin MiniEPG -> Date Label.
    With the keyword "#Time." you tell the parser you want to use a custom format. Then you enter the wanted formatting where you replace all Spaces with "_". At the end you enter which #Tag to use, you have to replace the "#" with a "%".
    * Add: Added the data tag "#TV.Timeshift.image". It does contain the value "timeshift.png", if timeshift is active. See demo skin / MiniEPG for an example. (Attention: the tweak “TimeshiftEPGdisplay” must be enabled).
    * Add: svc_wol.png
    to the OSD service menu.
    * Add: the tags: #menufocusimage+2; #menufocusimage+1; #menufocusimage-1; #menufocusimage-2
    * Add: OSD: The record Button does add or delete a timer on the following OSD pages: EPG-Now, Timeline, Channellist, EPG-Search, EPG-Details, EPG-Channels. The confirmation can be disabled (see tweaks.txt).
    * Change: OSD: Plugin windows, Weather- and Newswindow: Images will be removed from the internal cache if they are not used anymore.
    * Add: OSD: Added “#menufocustext“ tags according to the “#menufocusimage“ tags.
    * Change: OSD: The home windows do not need a menu control on it anymore.
    * Change: OSD-Windowdef. Now you can put a Windowdef.xml into the OSD skin folder and the Viewer uses it instead of the main windowdef.xml.
    Attention! Careful using this, because of possible user rights problems with options "OSD Menu".
    * Fix: OSD-Controls: The Sliderbar control had a display bug, if it was displayed larger than the original size.
    * Add: OSD Recording window: Now there are several data tags (#EPG.***x please check with DVB-Spy) set, if a recording item is focused (and the data is present).
    * Fix: OSD-Playlist: Delete (OSD-Green) didn't work anymore. Also the performance of list building was a little bit Improved.
    * Add: OSD-Controls: You can disable the text of the thumbnails in the thumbnail panel. You can also adjust the “zoom factor” (the zooming if a thumbnail gets the focus). The higher the zoom factor value the less the resizing. You need the updated OSD Skineditor from “OSD Demo skin & Editor“.
    * Add: OSD Controls: Label controls now have a selected color.
    * Fix: MiniEPG: On browsing the time was set to the current time sometimes.
    * Add: OSD Plugin interface: Added a new interface to get access to the OSD-controls of a OSDWindow. You find the definition here: http://www.dvbviewer...ndpost&p=289410
    * Change: Teletext OSD window: You can now cycle through several transparencies with OSD-Red (F5). The viewer will remember the last selected transparency and use it the next time the window is shown.
    * Add: OSD Windows: Added a default and a dynamic Backdrop (background) to the OSD window xml definition.
    The default backdrop must be an image file with the size of the OSD skin.
    The dynamic backdrop can be empty or contain a data tag which points to a qualified file name of an image. If the image is not found or the data tag is empty the default backdrop will be shown.
    If custom renderers are used, the backdrops will be drawn by D3D which should improve the performance. Be careful: OSD dialog windows can't use the backdrops!
    * Add: Actions: Added actions to toggle display/sorting/sort direction in music/video/picture OSD-windows:
    * Fix: OSD: It was not possible to disable subtitles if no subtitles were present but a subtitle has been earlier selected.
    * Add: OSD EPG windows: Added a new menu item in the OSD blue popup menu: “Prebook”. This programs a tuning timer without dialog window and with EPG pre- and post roll times. Works in the windows: ChannelEPG, ChannelWindow, EPGNow, EPGSearch, Timeline.
    * Add: Recordings OSD window: Added a menu item to reset the played state of a recording.
    * Fix: PiP: Closing the OSD context menu via OSD Blue didn't work.
    * Fix: OSD EPG details: OSD-OK now also switches the channel if the page was opened from the MiniEPG.
    * Fix: OSD Timeline: The display was messed up if you selected a time windows > 60 minutes.
    * Change: OSD: The internal handling of item lists has been reworked and optimized.
    * Add: OSD: EPG entries marked for recording can be made more visible with an additional little symbol (See Demo OSD-Skin in the membersarea/Betasection).
    * Change: MiniEPG: Browsing is now done by a single entry not by page.
    * Fix: MiniEPG: On browsing the remaining time for programs in the future was calculated and shown.
    * Fix: MiniEPG: If ToggleFav was active, favorites, which did not corresponded with the main channel (means a audio sub channel was a favorite), were displayed with the channel number instead of the favorite number on EPG browsing.
    * Add: Data properties: Added "#PiP" property. If the PiP is active → “1” and if the PiP is closed either an empty value or “0”.
    Hardware related
    * Change: Hardware: LNB Off can be set per device, if it supports this. You have to do a manual device scan to see the option on the hardware page.
    * Change: Hardware: LNB Off will be force for shared LNB devices.
    * Add: BDA - Twinhan/Azurewave based devices: Added LNB Off.
    * Fix: Hardware: DiSEqC for K-World devices should work now.
    * Add: BDA: The NovaS2 Plus is now detected as a S2 device under W7 with newer drivers.
    * Add: BDA: Support for Philips SAA7231 (DVB-S2, DiSEqC 1.0).
    * Add: BDA - KNC-One: You can force the KNC-One device now to use DiSEqC 1.0 with following entry in the device section of the hardware.xml:
    <entry name="DiSEqC10">1</entry>
    * Change: BDA - Pinnacle: TT compatible Pinnacle devices are not detected as hybrid devices anymore.
    * Add: BDA - Anysee: Added DiSEqC support for Anysee devices.
    * Add: BDA - Realtek: Added support for Realtek DVB-T/C hybrid devices.
    * Change: BDA - Twinhan: Reworked the Twinhan CI / MMI handling.
    * Add: BDA – Digital Devices: Support for devices by “Digital Devices” (DVB-S2, DiSEqC 1.2).
    * Change: BDA -: Digital Devices: Added support for CI / MMI.
    Attention: You have to execute a manual search of the devices in the options → hardware settings, so the new settings for the devices take effect.
    The MultiTranponderDecryption is supported, but limited to one encrypted channel per Tuner. You have to activate the CI in the “DVBCineConfig“ → CI tool from Digital Devices.
    If you remove the CI hardware, please run the “DVBCineConfig“ tool → CI again. Otherwise the devices won't work anymore in the DVBViewer.
    * Fix: BDA - Terratec H7: MMI didn't work with this card, because it was not detected as a supported card.
    * Add: BDA - Technisat: Added support for the BDA driver of the Technisat Skystar HD USB.
    * Fix: BDA - Terratec: Hybrid devices based on the Terratec HTC are now detected correctly. You need to do a manual device search in the DVBViewer Hardware options for this change to take effect.
    * Fix: BDA - Hauppauge: If there were more than one Hauppauge device present the hybrid device detection could fail and mark devices as hybrid which weren't.
    * Fix: BDA - QBox DiSEqC corrected according to information by Griga.
    * Change: Griga reworked the DiSEqC handling.
    * Add: BDA - Tevii: Added support for the new BDA driver of Tevii S470.
    * Fix: BDA - Terratec H5: Added the hybrid tuner detection for this device.
    * Add: BDA - Genpix: Added DiSEqC support for the Genpix BDA driver..
    Options and Tweaks
    * Add: Options window: Added a link to the wiki in the footer of the window.
    * Change: Options window: Closing the window with the system button (the cross in the upper right corner) is now treated like pressing the Cancel Button.
    * Fix: Options window: Sometime the values of the Up/Down controls and the according text fields didn't match. Thanks @griga.
    * Change: Hardware options: You can now sort the device entries via drag'n'drop. The sorting order will be reset if you do a manual hardware detection.
    * Add: Hardware options: Added the Unicable settings dialog for supported devices. You have to do a manual device scan to see the option on the hardware page.
    * Change: Videotext options: Reworked the font list.
    * Change: Options: The task scheduler password and user name now need to be entered in the task scheduler itself.
    * Removed: Options: Removed the use first CPU only option. This can be set with the tweak “ProcessMask” .
    * Fix: Shares: The default shares are now checked for an empty string result on adding via the default button.
    * Removed: Recording options: Removed the Recording buffer setting. It is now a tweak (see tweaks.txt).
    * Removed: General options: Removed fullscreen always on top. This can now be set with the normal menu item Stay on top.
    * Add: Recording Service Options: A new Option is available: Download the channel list at the start. If you enable this option you have to restart the DVBViewer.
    * Add: DirectX Options: Added “Vsync by Aero” for custom renderers.
    * Add: DirectX Options: Added “Reset Device on monitor change”.
    * Add: DirectX Options: Added the MS AAC decoders in Windows 7 to the audio decoder list.
    * Add: DirectX Options: The MS MPEG-1/DD/AAC audio decoder is now listed under Windows 7 in the AAC-decoder list and can be used with the DVBSource 3.5.1+.
    * Add: DirectX options: Added a VC1 decoder selection.
    * Add: DirectX options: Added a property page button to each decoder selection box. It does purely depend on the decoder, if there is a property page.
    * Fix: OSD-Options: Changing the OSD skin while a visualization was active stopped the visualization.
    * Removed: Options Pictures: Removed the transition selection, you can now change this within the slideshow with OSD-Yellow. Also changed the transition times from frames to seconds.
    * Add: Tweaks: Added a tweak to use the FF/FREW with F6/F7 (OSD Green/Yellow) and in the playback control window (<< and ****). see tweaks.txt.
    * Add: Tweaks: Added a tweak to hide the top title panels in most windows. See tweaks.txt.
    * Add: Tweaks: Most tweaks are now written with the default values to the setup.xml on the first start.
    * Change: Slideshow: If the custom renderers are used the slideshow will be rendered with an optional Ken Buns like effect in hardware which speeds things up.
    * Add: Slideshow: Random order can be activated/deactivated with the OSD-Blue popup menu.
    * Add: Slideshow: Pan&Scan can be activated/deactivated with the OSD-Blue popup menu.
    * Removed: Slideshow: The new slideshow doesn't support zooming. 
    * Change: Resume Playback: Removed the resume playback dialog. Now you can define in the DVD/Video options if you want to start always from the beginning or always resume.
    If you use “always resume” a info field is shown “To start from the beginning press 0”. You can define how long it is shown in the said option. If you set the time to 0 it wont be shown at all.
    * Add: Playback: Added some kind of fast forward/ fast rewind for Overlay/Custom VMR9/Custom EVR Renderer.
    It's basically a timer doing a small jump forward or backward. The jump value can be incremented.
    * Add: Actions/Input Options: Added/reassigned the Action_Forward/Action_Rewind for FF/FREW.
    * Add: Fileplayback: While playing a file keys 0..9 now jump to the position ([number]*10)% of the playtime of the file.
    * Fix: DisableAV and Timeshift: Timeshift now continues the playback at the last position after DisableAV → EnableAV.
    * Fix: Playback: Griga fixed the frame rate detection for h.264 files.
    * Add: Playback: Files with the extension “.mts” are now handled like .m2ts (bluray) files. On existing installations you have to add the extension manually to the video options.
    * Add: Several improvement by griga for playback of ts files with the DVBSource.
    * Change: "End of stream" Handling changed according to an idea by @griga.
    * Add: Playback: For playback stop (press of the stop button) and for Playback end (the movie/music/playlist ends by itself) you can define actions in "Options -> Videos" (see actions.ini for the list of actions).
    * Add: File Playback: Topfield REC-files are now handled like TS files.
    * Fix: For dual channel ADTS AAC the format recognition did not work correctly.
    * Fix: File Playback: Under certain circumstances the playback of TS-files stopped on an combination of Run-Pause-Run.
    * Add: Fileplayback of splitted recordings does handle all splitted files as one.
    * Fix: Recordings playback: If a recording in the recording service was deleted, the local media database of the DVBViewer wasn't updated.
    * Change: EPG Window Timeline: Double clicking on a channel now changes to the channel.
    * Change: EPG Window: The default recording action is now used when creating timers with “Send to PVR”.
    * Fix: EPG Window/Timeline: The current program is now selected on opening the window in timeline view.
    * Fix: Main window: If the main windows was minimized to the tray while a child window was open and the child window was closed with the context menu, the windows wasn't hidden correctly and could not be closed anymore.
    * Fix: Recording Stats Window: The played indicator does work now correctly with remote recordings from the Recording service.
    * Add: Recording Stats Window: Added a menu item to reset the played state of a recording.
    * Change: Main window: Changing the size of the main window with the mouse wheel does work much better now.
    * Change: Recording Stats Window: The minimum disk space setting is taken into account when calculating the free disk space.
    * Fix: Main Window: Sometimes the recording icon in the statusbar wasn't updated correctly.
    * Changed: Main Window: Stay on top, show/hide menubar, statusbar and toolbar are now handled separately for full screen and normal window. This does only work if NO window skin for the main window is selected.
    * Fix: Recorder window: Deleting a remote running timer also delete the recorded file on the recording service.
    * Fix: Recorder Window: For a new empty timer sometimes the wrong time format was used.
    * Removed: Recorder window: Stop and split were moved to the Rec Stats window.
    * Fix: Main window / Status bar: If ToggleFav was active and a channel couldn't be identified as a favorite the display of the left hand panel of the status bar was empty.
    * Fix: Main window: The context menu doesn't pop up anymore if you click on the status/buttonbar with the right mouse button.
    * Fix: Main Window: The context menu could not be open with the context menu key or Shift-F10.
    * Fix: Playlist window: The stop button is not displayed as pressed anymore.
    * Fix: Playback control bar: Fixed the “jumping” on state transition from play to pause/stop.
    * Fix: If timeshift was active and pause was selected the stop button in the mediacontrol bar did not work.
    * Fix: Clicking on the progress bar in the status bar of the main window did not work correctly.
    * Fix: On deactivating AV pause was marked as active.
    * Change: Zooming: Zooming with the mouse wheel is now restricted to the same min/max values as used in the zoom window.
    * Fix: Systemtray icon: The icon in the systemtray was not refreshed / hidden on changing the settings for this in the options.
    * Fix: EPG Window: Sometimes the details for the selected entry were not shown when opening the window.
    EPG, Subtitles, Videotext
    * Fix: DVB Subtitles: Fixed a potential threading problem.
    * Fix: DVBSubtitle: Several improvements and fixes.
    * Fix: EPG: Under certain circumstances errors could occur if an entry was updated when it was used in another part of the program.
    * Fix: EPG: In extreme rare cases the EPG.dat could become corrupted. On loading this could result in a very high memory usage.
    * Fix: Siehferninfo: The date shown for finished days in January was off a month at the end of December. This did not affect the actual data.
    * Fix: Siehferninfo: The date calculation changed, so not up to date transmission will not result in wrongly added EPG.
    * Add: Siehferninfo: The genre of the SFI entry will be translated to a DVB genre (if possible).
    * Change: EPG from recording service: On single CPU systems the transmission and processing is now throttled to keep the load on the CPU down.
    * Add: Freesat EPG/ATSC EPG: New huffman decoding unit thanks to Griga.
    * Change: The decoding tables for the hufmann decoding are now in the hufmann.dll.
    * Fix: Download of the EPG from the service: The DVBViewer did not respect the settings of the day count correctly.
    * Add: A faster way to download the EPG from the recording service. Needs Recording Service 1.6.6+.
    VCR, Recordings
    * Add: VCR: Added the “lazy CAM” handling of grigas plugin directly into the recording engine. Now the DVBViewer checks at the beginning of a recording if Audio/Video packets marked as decrypted are actually decrypted and ignores them if they are encrypted.
    * Fix: Record audio only: The format of audio only Recordings of h.264 channels was wrongly changed to TS.
    * Change: VCR: The DVB Task Scheduler (if present) now is run with every saving of the timers.xml. Hopefully this solves the problems with vista/win 7.
    * Change: VCR: If there is a (Windows-)error while recording, now a more descriptive error is logged if possible.
    * Fix: RecordDatabase: Refreshing the recording database didn't work correctly if no infofile was present.
    * Change: Refresh recording DB: Refresh database will now compare the individual fields, so manual changes to fileinfo/infofile are taken into account.
    * Change: Cleanup recording DB: Checks now, if the path of a entry is within the list of recording folders.
    * Improved: Recording: MPG Recording work now even if the Sequence header is not at the beginning of the PES-packets.
    * Add: VCR: Added several new placeholders for the file name.
    %name - name of the timer,
    %tshort - the (Sub)Title (if any) shortened to 80 chars.,
    %m - month,
    %d - day of the month,
    %h - time hour,
    %M - time minute,
    %g - the Genre (if any),
    %D - Day of the week (Mo, Tue etc)
    Additionally you can define sub folders with a \.
    * Fix: Recording database: In some cases a database rebuild did mess up with the details of a recording.
    * Fix: Recording files with a -xx (xx=numbers) in the file name were ignored on a database refresh.
    * Change: Splitted recordings get now a “_***” name scheme.
    * Fix: PiP: The PiP window could be moved over the status bar.
    * Fix: PiP: PiP now understands the forced tuning message from the recording service.
    * Fix: PiP: Under certain circumstances the mouse arrow was not hidden if it was over the PiP.
    * Fix: PiP: Vol+/Vol- actions didn't work if the sound was swapped.
    * Fix: PiP: Volume display was inconsistent if the sound was swapped.
    * Fix: PiP: When using non custom renderers the PiP was placed behind the OSD and wasn't visible anymore, if media playback was started via the OSD.
    * Change: Mosaic Preview: Channel change only with left mouse button now.
    * Fix: The mosaic preview didn't work for channels with a separate PCR.
    * Fix: PiP: The PiP could not be closed with the menu if a media file was played back.
    Channels, Favorites
    * Add: Channellist: A click on a folder does toggle expand/contract.
    * Change: Channellist: Expand/contract doesn't move the content of the treeview anymore.
    * Fix: Popup channellist: Entering a text in the channel search was also interpreted as OSD commands.
    * Add: Channellist: The channel list can be downloaded from the Recording Service at the start of the DVBViewer. Needs Recording Service
    * Add: Favorites: Can start at 1. (see tweaks.txt).
    * Change: Favorites: If the tweak “UseFav” is active, the favorite numbers instead of channel numbers are shown (if possible).
    * Change: Sky Options channels: The name of the options channel in the options channel menu are now shown as transmitted by Sky.
    * Change: Popup Channel list: Added Last channel and Channel editor menu item.
    * Fix: Scan window: Fixed a bug which could block the hardware device if the stepsize was set to 0 and no transponderlist was used.
    * Add: Added the data tag "#PremierePortal". If option channels are present it contains the count of available channels. If not option channels are available it can be “0” or empty.
    * Add: Several measures taken against binary planting of DLLs and executeables.
    * Add: DEP (Data Execution Prevention) ist now activated if possible.
    * Add: ASLR (Address space layout randomization) is now activated if possible.
    * Add: Added a new manifest to prevent windows from using the virtual store for the configuration data of the DVBViewer Pro and it's plugins.
    * Add: Right click on the Status display in the status bar opens the DVBSource Filter property window (if active).
    * Add: Action to open the DVBSource Filter property window (if active) see actions.ini.
    * Add: An easy method to query the current playback state (Stop, Play, Pause).
    pause = datamanager.parse("#currentplaystate")
    ' possible values "no graph" = no playback active, this state you get, if you close the graph or start the DVBViewer with -c, "stop" - renderer is stopped,
    ' "pause" - renderer in pause state, "play" renderer in play state.
    * Change: Program start: It is now possible to start fullscreen without the normal window showing before.
    * Change: Start in Fullscreen: If the viewer is started in Fullscreen the GUI skin setting is automatically disabled.
    * Fix: Fullscreen: Full screen didn't work if the second monitor wasn't present at DVBViewer Start.
    * Fix: System: In case of a faulty configuration XML file this file now is renamed and replaced with a new one.
    * Fix: Zoompresets: The value 0 doesn't reset the presets back to default anymore.
    * Change: Hints: Hints are now shown indefinitely, instead of hiding them after a few seconds.
    * Change: Plugin menu: Griga reworked the plugin menu handling.
    * Fix: Filter property pages: Changed the way the property pages of filters are handled, so not more side effects do occur.
    * Fix: Close Graph: Now on each action which would cause a graph close there is a check if the audio recorder plugin is active with a warning dialog.
    * Add: Data tags: Tag #endtime added for file playback.
    * Fix: Daemontools: The renamed daemontools lite program file is now recognized.
    * Add: Support for the Daemontools Pro.
    * Add: Actions: Added the action “ACTION_SHOW_SYSInfo” see actions.ini.
    * Fix: Video format changes detected by the channel autoupdater were not applied to the subchannels.
    * Fix: ID3V2 Reader: Several small fixed and optimizations.
    * Fix: COM: Adding EPG with the COM XML method now takes UTF-8 into account.
    * Fix: COM: Adding EPG with the COM interfaces now takes UTF-8 / Unicode conversion into account.
    * Add: Transponder lists: Now the “King of SAT” transponder list format additions are recognized.
    * Fix: Data-Properties: The “timeshift.png” tag was also on file playback assigned.
    * Fix: CaPMT: Reverted to the old handling: No more ignoring of ES CA descriptors if there are PS CA descriptors. If you need to previous handling please set in the file hardware.xml the "IgnoreESCA" Value to "1" for the appropriate device.
    * Change: PAT/PMT and EPG tables will now be CRC32 checked to avoid problems with wrong data (cause by bad reception).
    * Add: Vista/Windows 7: the font for the windows of the DVBViewer is set to the Vista/Windows7 default font.
    * Switched to the current sqlite 3 database library. On first start the DVBViewer converts the old databases into the new format.
    * Updated the DVBSource Filter to Version 3.5.2.
    * Several corrections and optimizations.
    * Language files updated.
    * Add: KeyTool: From this version on a new protection system has been integrated. This will be explained in a separate document.
    * Hardware handling up to date with the DVBViewer.
    Please read the Forum Rules
    Problems and questions in PM! I'll not answer!
  • skype
    • Oct 2010
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    Re: DVBViewer Pro 4.5 is released

    Does anybody know where we can get it from?


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      • Sep 2010
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      Re: DVBViewer Pro 4.5 is released

      Originally posted by skype
      Does anybody know where we can get it from?
      Please read the Forum Rules
      Problems and questions in PM! I'll not answer!


      • skype
        • Oct 2010
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        Re: DVBViewer Pro 4.5 is released

        How about CPU usage on HD channels_? is it better than previous releases or about the same?


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          Re: DVBViewer Pro 4.5 is released

          Originally posted by Zyk
          It mostly depends on the codecs combination you are using...
          Thank you for your reply though.I think will have to try myself to see and experience how it differs.But I must say that, dvbviewer is the most stable and fluent dvbs viewer for windows platform.