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MythTV Channel scanner

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  • aslambhatti
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2010
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    MythTV Channel scanner

    MythTV Channel scanner

    myth_scanner - a replacement for MythTV's built-in scanner
    ================================================== ========
    What is it?

    myth_scanner is a perl script which uses the MythTV.pm module
    and dvbsnoop command to gather changes in transport/channel
    information for any DVB providor supporting proper SDT/NIT
    tables. These include (but are not limited to):

    Dish Network
    Bell ExpressVu

    NOTE: When used for GlobeCast, the -ignore_eit option is

    Directories in this package:

    patches/ - Contains some patches which can be used with the scanner.
    utilities/ - Some utilities I threw together which depend on SI-Parser.





    - Update channel names along with their callsigns. I don't know how this was
    missed in the first version, but here ya go.

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    - Fixed a problem with SI::Parse::huffmanToString() which prevented
    it from decompressing PID 0x300.
    - Added auto commfree flagging option. This set commflag to 1 for any
    event which has tiers associated with it.
    - Added COMFREE section. Any callsign matching expressions within this
    section get commfree set to 1.
    - Added a more restrictive option to -filter_tiers. Use a value of 1
    for the old hehavior, or 2 for a more restrictive filtering. A value
    of 2 filters out all non-subscribed channels with the exception of
    PPV channels. Use a value of 3 for ALL non-subscrived channels.
    - Assume if tier byte 6 is 0xff, the channel is automatically subscribed.