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Kaffeine DVB Player for Linux OS

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  • aslambhatti
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2010
    • 149

    Kaffeine DVB Player for Linux OS

    Kaffeine DVB Player for Linux OS

    Kaffeine 0.8.9 ( DVB Player )

    Kaffeine is a computer program that allows playback of audio and video files encoded in different formats, and that runs on KDE desktop environment on Linux operating system. Its distribution is governed by the GPL license and is in the category of free software. Kaffeine is usually found in most packages to install KDE. "

    We can also use as a TV receiver, especially since this is a Cam, or it can use CCcam / Mbox / Oscam.

    You have to run a Linux OS ubuntu 10:04 or equivalent

    I installed Ubuntu 4.10 and I had few problems getting on and turn Kaffeine plugin with Ciccia client.
    I share with you a "how to" after having banged my head for a day.
    From what I understood the new Kaffeine does not support a plugin so you have to install a previous version, found in the Annex 0.8.9 already. Deb installer
    We come to order:

    1) Install kaffeine 0.8.9 using the package. Deb attached Lucid already compatible with Ubuntu (just double cllick)
    2) Install the plugin using the 0.4.2 package. Deb attached, in this case should go to the terminal when it forced overwrite
    Then copy the. Deb in your home and run from terminal:
    dpkg-i - force-overwrite / home/user/kaffeine-sc-plugin-0.4.2-svn_0.4.2-SVN-1_i386.deb
    3) Create the folders:
    cd / var
    sudo mkdir etc
    sudo mkdir bin

    4) Copy to etc in the config cccam properly configured inside the bin to bin CCcam (use version 2.0.10, the above for me to go and chmod 755) and always in a bin file attachment ca.so course unpacked.
    5) Start the flesh with the following command:

    cd / var / bin
    LD_PRELOAD =. / ca.so ./CCcam.x86-d

    thanks lullilully