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Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.4.2499.0

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  • remax96
    • Feb 2010
    • 1126

    Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.4.2499.0

    * New features :
    o Seamless playback support for multi files BRD
    o Support for Windows 7 taskbar and thumbnails features
    o Added Catalan, Dutch and Japanese translations
    o VSFilter x64 is available
    o Added internal VP8 Decoder
    o MPC-HC can be compiled with MSVC2010 and Intel C++ Compiler
    o Support for MCE remote control (values added in AppCommand column in "Options/Player/Keys")
    o Support of Broadcom Video decoder for VC1, H.264 and MPEG-2 (hardware acceleration)
    o Support for DVB subtitles
    o Open files to Recent Documents
    o AUTO HDMI MODE 1080p/24 support for fullscreen mode
    o Ticket #46, add number to AudioDevice list
    o Sync Renderer dialogs
    o Real Video decoder in MPCVideoDecoder
    o Support interlaced mode in fullscreen resolution list
    o Auto change fullscreen resolution for different video content
    o Fullscreen Options page
    o Video decoder, options for DXVA Compatibility check
    o Support for MPEG-2 bitstreaming in the DXVA decoder
    o Full screen resolution - support for native 23.976 and 29.97 mode (Vista and above only)
    o Auto resolution change for DVD
    o Always Exit after playback option
    o Support for SRM7500 remote control
    o New panel for switching DVB channels, audio and tuner scan accessible through View-->Navigation menu when in Capture mode
    o Automatically play next files in a folder
    o Implemented 'Quick add favorite' shortcut (default: Shift + Q) will use current settings from 'Add Favorite' dialog
    o Select D3D device for render, including DXVA if two or more video adapters are in the system (EVR Custom & VMR9-Renderless only)
    o Statistics - added render device
    o Ability to select OSD font & size
    o Option "Don't use 'search in folder' on commands 'Skip back/forward' when only one item in playlist"
    o H.264 L5.1 DXVA support for ATI cards with drivers > v8.14.1.6105 (Catalyst 10.4)
    o MPCVideoDecoder, disable DXVA (H.264) for SD video (width < 1280)
    o Improved DXVA compatibility check
    o Implemented drag and drop folders with sub-folders
    o Support for MPEG-1/Layer1 audio stream in the Matroska splitter
    o Command to switch video frame mode (key 'P')
    o Video frame options like in TV: Zoom 1 and Zoom 2
    o Auto saving position every 30 seconds
    o Added internal filters context menu (disable/enable)
    o Command to reopen file (Ctrl+E)
    o Support for PGS in Matroska
    o Open root BD movie from command line & shell context menu
    o OSD messages added when switching audio stream or subtitles
    o OSD on Jump Forward/Backward (keyframe)
    o OSD when open DVD/BD
    o OSD for jump to chapter in file
    o Detect system UI language and set interface language at first run
    o Full ICC color management (Little CMS v2.1a library added)
    o Full floating point processing (FP16 temporary textures)
    o High-quality dithering (color management, full floating point processing, 10-bit -> 8-bit)
    o Option to force 10-bit EVR mixer input (probably hackish, but in many cases it seems to work)
    o Added MediaInfoLib (v0.7.35) (no need for MediaInfo.dll anymore)
    o Added support for MPEG-2_VLD DXVA for Intel G31/33 (and maybe other Intel) chipset

    * Changes :
    o Updated UnrarDll. It is now possible to use the 64bit UnrarDll with the 64bit MPC-HC
    o Updated Detours to v2.1 build 216
    o Updated Bento4 to v1.2.3.0
    o Updated libpng to v1.4.3
    o Updated SoundTouch to v1.5.0
    o Updated zlib to v1.2.5
    o Updated LibOgg to v1.2.0
    o Updated LibVorbis to v1.3.1
    o Updated PNGDIB to v3.1.0
    o Updated sizecbar to v2.45
    o Better support for madVR
    o Updated Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Traditional Chinese, German, Italian, Turkish and Hungarian translations
    o Updated FFmpeg
    o Updated installer script
    o "DirectShow Audio" label on playback->output now says "Audio Renderer"
    o Ticket #27: Allow screensaver to activate when audio only (sleep is still stopped)
    o Add open file to Recent Document only if "Keep history of recently opened files" is checked
    o Select and change resolution for selected fullscreen monitor
    o Improve options for fullscreen monitor and resolution
    o Open DVD root folder (include VIDEO_TS) from explorer context menu
    o Many internal code improvements for more stability
    o Improved playlist
    o Improved subtitle handling
    o Rewritten DVXA check for better readability
    o Disabled internal H.264 (AVC) decoder for interlaced files (bad supported by FFmpeg)
    o Show filename in OSD at open, instead "Pause/Play"
    o Add 'x64' suffix in Title and in the About dialog for the x64 build
    o OSD file name at open show delay up to 3 sec.
    o Core rendering code in the DX9AllocatorPresenter class is moved to a new class: DX9RenderingEngine
    o "10 bit RGB" option changed to "10-bit RGB Output", does not affect internal processing anymore
    o Removed unnecessary temporary texture allocations
    o Removed old player logos and added a new one

    * Bugs fixed :
    o Name of MPC-HC in title bar (Bug #2826963)
    o Web interface status.html not showing status/media state when Status bar is turned off (Bug #2025675)
    o Ticket #12, crash/hang after standby, hibernate, UAC or CTRL+ALT+DEL
    o Ticket #74, [MP4] AAC sound stops playing
    o Ticket #116, issue with some MPEG (mono) audio playback
    o Ticket #120, Inner PCM inside QT .mov is supported now
    o Ticket #150, issue with playback AMR sound
    o Ticket #161 and #414, "no audio capture device"
    o Ticket #163, Crash with RealMedia
    o Ticket #237, DVB channels are all saved as number 0 when tuning
    o Ticket #242, No PCM sowt audio in MOV
    o Ticket #258, speaker configuration in Audio Switcher isn't stored
    o Ticket #281, [CAPTURE] No video decoding when capturing from DVB-T card with internal MPEG2 DVXA Decoder enabled
    o Ticket #282, Auto-zoom function problem
    o Ticket #295, SSA/ASS and other save subtitle formats problem
    o Ticket #300, Regression when hiding Caption and Menubar
    o Ticket #333, Missing tracks when playing a TS file
    o Ticket #363, #563, Can't open some mp3
    o Ticket #385, no chapters with MP4Splitter
    o Ticket #455, Bug with PGS subtitles
    o Ticket #456, Problem with auto-loading subtitles fixed
    o Ticket #465, MPEG/TS splitter can't recognize some video track
    o Ticket #477, Internal audio switcher
    o Ticket #489, MPC-HC API improvements
    o Ticket #502, Problem with D3D9Ex
    o Ticket #513, .rmvb interlaced decoding
    o Ticket #511, Subtitle renderer crash fixed
    o Ticket #528, Unable to scan for dvb-t
    o Ticket #536, [MKV] Default values of the specification should be strictly followed
    o Ticket #576, Next AR Preset Issue
    o Ticket #578, VSFilter crash fix with certain malformed drawing lines
    o Ticket #599, ignores /audiorender option
    o Ticket #601, BD movie length detect wrong
    o Ticket #660, Pressing left arrow under Options->Logo causes right arrow to disappear
    o Ticket #661, Ctrl+C / File->Close form size discrepancy
    o Ticket #672, DVB-T - image problems after changing from tv channel to radio & back
    o Ticket #677, Wrong colors using Color Management
    o Ticket #679, add color management status in EVR CP graph settings
    o Ticket #680, "Don't hide controls in full screen" does not work unless you move the mouse
    o Ticket #694, DLL preloading vulnerability
    o Ticket #696, [GUI] use options dialog causes main window elements to disappear
    o Ticket #714, MPEG2 detected as H264
    o Opening multiple files via Explorer context menu
    o Memory leak in libavcodec
    o Memory leak in DXVA decoder
    o Playback of some broken avi files
    o Fix VCD playback
    o Better detection of "Used For Reference Flags" (fixes some broken DXVA samples)
    o Screensaver activating during video playback on XP
    o Audio language detection for HDMV (broken by seamless playback feature)
    o Bug with prevent sleep mode
    o Bug in "Open File" dialog & "Add to Playlist" checked
    o Default (center) window position after file close
    o Issue with a switch to fullscreen mode
    o FavoriteAdd dialog
    o Possible buffer overflows
    o Bug with launch in fullscreen
    o Incorrect decoding with MPEG-2 bitstream decoder on video with alternative scan
    o Seeking problem with MPEG files
    o Don't show OSD message when auto play is disabled
    o Checking for duplicates in display modes
    o Correct state when done playback (rewind fix)
    o Incorrect minimal window height calculation when caption is on
    o Search in dir function
    o Play video from network share
    o Incorrect position (desktop) after fullscreen when playing multiple files on multi-monitor systems
    o Playback issue for some H.264 media files captured from digital cameras
    o Various DVB-T fixes
    o DXVA regression: black video with some files
    o Crash in Matroska splitter with unknown streams
    o OSD shown wrong (previous) audio stream on change
    o Improved DVD resume
    o Crash with some VOB subtitles
    o Undetected H.264 video streams in MPEG splitter
    o Incorrect identification of the video stream in MPEG splitter (H.264 instead of MPEG-2)
    o Logical/numeric sorting in Playlist, "Play next in the folder"
    o OSD on open BD
    o MPEGSplitter - could not read some MPEG files
    o Crashes with MSVC2010 builds
    o The EVR mixer output media subtype matches the surface format (as a consequence, it's always RGB)
    o Incorrect lenght detection of MPEG, DVD (.ifo)