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Latest Version of AltDVB

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  • archid
    • Jun 2010
    • 212

    Latest Version of AltDVB

    AltDVB v2.2 BDA device

    This is a new BDA interface wrapper for AltDVB v2.2.

    The configuration file (Dev_Bda2Driver.cfg) should be placed in the same folder
    as the interface (Dev_Bda2Driver.int). If this file doesn't exist, the interface driver
    will create a new one with default values.

    DVB-S2 signalling:
    TechnoTrend users - no change neccessary (DVBS2Signalling signalling value is the default 8VSB)
    KNC One users - change the DVBS2Signalling signalling value to: 8PSK
    Hauppauge users - change the DVBS2Signalling signalling value to: NBC_8PSK
    all other - try 8VSB or 8PSK

    S/S2 Pilot and S2 Roll Off:
    these values are for the Haupppauge drivers and practically should not be changed

    v -
    - recompiled with latest Technotrend BDA SDK ( Now use ttBdaDrvApi_Dll.dll
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