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  • brad_11
    Senior Member
    • Feb 2010
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    DreamBoxEdit Mod s-e-t


    DreamBoxEdit creates default values for all options.
    It's important however to check the various settings on the options panel.

    The most important setting is the profile for a Dreambox that specifies both:
    - the network settings needed to contact the Dreambox, and
    - the paths where the settings reside on the Dreambox. Those paths must be specified
    correctly. They vary with the different types of Dreamboxes (satellite, cable, 7025 etc.).
    On the options panel you can set them to the default for a specific type of Dreambox.

    Tips and known issues with the 7025:
    - In DreamBoxEdit you must specify the correct paths on the 7025. You can do this
    very easy with the "Defaults for 7025" button on the options panel.
    - You have to enable "Multibouquet" on the 7025 in order to be able to see your bouquets.
    - The DreamBoxEdit ZAP command fails because the 7025 webinterface does not yet support this command.


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