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qWickie plugin for Enigma 2

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  • edin4o
    • Aug 2011
    • 33

    qWickie plugin for Enigma 2

    qWickie - the research and plugin for the acceleration of the booting process when enigma2

    When it's really a shame when a Dreambox even with a very slim on the image dm8000 1:45 min need to boot up TV picture comes and I actually wait for almost 1 year had little inclination to accept it, I decided to try to halt all our potential and take advantage of available resources to speed up the boot process.

    It can not be easy when I enter the init 4 and then init 3 for 15sec again as a TV picture (is owbohl All enigma2 will start again as needs) and the box still boots for so long!

    Therefore, the built-hardware are just too good and too expensive, and if the CPU can run the whole enigma2 in 15 sec what is there simply lazy!

    The Linux with all drivers is to start in about 30 seconds we have the TV picture (as you so the old QwickTV) provides, therefore, would theoretically boot times of 45 sec or at least significantly less than 60 sec can be!

    Since there is as simple perverse and Herat approaches (if anyone has problems with foreign words please to paraphrase an Worterbuch) runterzubringen the boot time and probably at the end of a combination of several measures will be purposeful, I have decided the whole in the form of a project called qWickie Just try to stop you. I know not whether and how we will reach our goal, but failed to go off when one reaches before.

    In this respect you shall not sit back and let you also work Gutemine, but to help themselves, to think, make suggestions, etc. to come together at the goal.

    So now we can download and rolled up their sleeves - and no, I do not have the thread in the craft room, because I have already tried various things that I can easily cast in a plugin which you then to the test here.

    And first let's see what YOU think of why it all takes so long - because a proper description of the problem is half the solution!


    qwickie 2.3