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OpenPLi-Turko DM500s v12 Vu+Duo BluesOfDreams

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  • mendi19
    • Aug 2011
    • 55

    OpenPLi-Turko DM500s v12 Vu+Duo BluesOfDreams

    Dm 500s for the first time the vu+duo skin

    ** New bootlogo used.

    ** Radio and scan logos changed.

    ** This image is used on the skins:

    ** Vu + Duo BluesOfDreams_1.4
    ** mediapli_8
    ** darkpli_8

    ** LANGUAGES: Turkish, Türkçe, German
    (Other languages ​​can be downloaded from the addons)

    ** Integrated with CCcam 2.2.1.

    Integrated Mgcamd 1.35a **

    ** Info is integrated into Mgcamd.

    ** Ecminfo integrated.

    ** Server information is integrated into the custom menu.

    ** Werbezapper integrated.
    (By setting Werbezapper'i between 1 and 9 min,
    automatically return to the channel you have seen on ...)

    ** MoviePlayer integrated.

    Teletext ** is available.

    ** Guncel many satellites were used satellite xml.

    Channels ** done side by side with the help button.

    ** Occupancy rate is 25% ...

    Dream Dreambox-up or OptiFlasher-v1.0.2

    Download and enjoy
  • mendi19
    • Aug 2011
    • 55

    Re: OpenPLi-Turko DM500s v12 Vu+Duo BluesOfDreams

    No it has English,Deutch and Turkish ...i didnt check any further maybe it has


    • arsamj1981
      • Sep 2010
      • 795

      Re: OpenPLi-Turko DM500s v12 Vu+Duo BluesOfDreams

      DM 500 OpenPli Skins Vu+ Blu By MERDAS.

      OpenPli This expansion is being prepared by Brother Marwan greetings to him and all offer my motherfuckin changes * Add photos off the Splendor * Add Arabic, French, English Bejjani * Changing the original knife blade was transformed with Vu + HD will be available to all on the Dreambox 500S, very good * Add all the following information Alblajinat EcmInfo CCcam configuration Inadyn Minicat Key Updater film * is empty or you can download the IMO IMO is just for you from the image server, and all easily *

      Enable Timeshift The DM500
      ADD permanent timeshift recording (Mount-Point)

      * This is raw (img) can be transferred to the Dream through dreamup or flashwizard
      All these changes were without prejudice to the Var area

      leave you with some saccharine-shot image

      last leave you with Image Download and enjoy aesthetic wishes of success and satisfaction of this work,