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DM 500S Clone(Black box)

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  • ihoti2001
    • Feb 2011
    • 2

    DM 500S Clone(Black box)

    Hi guys,
    Please bear with me I am a newbie at this satellite stuff. Basically I bought a DM500S Black for my brother and I think it's a clone (no I am pretty sure its a clone). It came with GP installed. But there were no CCCAM installed just the default Camd I think. So I downloaded the CCCAM 2.1 and its ok-ish now. I wanted to know that if I enter a newcamd N:line on the cccam.cfg file and upload itback up to the box, will this work or just the cline will work? Does this make sense????

  • whinpo
    Senior Member
    • Jul 2011
    • 176

    Re: DM 500S Clone(Black box)

    you can directly modify the file adding the Cline at the beginning

    the file is /var/etc/CCcam.cfg

    you can either :
    * directly connect via ssh or telnet to the dbox and modify it via the "vi" command
    * ftp to the dbox to download it to your PC/modify the file/upload it via ftp

    no need to restart CCcam, it will see the modification.

    to check if everything was ok you can do : http://yourdbox:16001/servers


    • C_S_B
      • Apr 2010
      • 54

      Re: DM 500S Clone(Black box)

      Originally posted by Apples
      In CCcam:
      G: <DNSserver> <Poortserver> <LocalPoort> <LocalWW> <WWserver>
      G: someone.dns.org 5000 4000 AB12CD34 12AB34CD

      DNSserver = DNS of gbox server
      Poortserver = UDP port of gbox server
      LocalPoort = UDP port forwarded to your dreambox
      LocalWW = password for gbox to connect to your server
      WWserver = password in M-line in Gbox server, so CCcam can connect with gbox

      This line you should add to your CCcam.cfg and offcourse the gbox server needs to add a D-line from you.
      Hi Apples,

      I've never come across GBox before even though I can download it. How does it differ from other protocols?

      I've only used CCcam.