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  • lulezim
    • Mar 2010
    • 4081



    converts funcards [hex] / bin / upd file


    funcards [hex] / bin / upd file

    Before running this program,
    remember to unpack all files in same folder.

    Information on Revolution users

    When you load Matrix revolution bin file remember first check the box,
    in the program before loading revolution bin file.


    Splitting files to funcard.
    1 - Launch MFconverter.
    2 - Load UPD or BIN file.
    3 - Click on Save Funcard files button,
    then select saving method. Funcard 2,3,4, etc..

    Tested working on Matrix Revolution and Reloaded.
    Funcard 7 splitting not work at the moment.
    Funcard 6 updating works on Matrix Reloaded, but not work with Revolution in the time of test.
    Funcard 5 or lower works not a problems..

    Reversing funcard file.

    how to go back from funcard files to upd or bin file.
    First you need to have MR firmware files in the funcard.
    (Becouse if you are trying to open something else than MR firmware in funcard file,
    then you get an error message.)
    Then select funcard number 1,2,3,etc...
    This program ask you what is the last file in the funcard files.
    If you answer yes then it stops.
    If you answer no then the process will continue.

    Version history....
    __________________________________________________ _______
    Version 1.8
    Added important things,
    like file confirmation.
    I mean this that you can be sure of that Funcard or UPD file what you open in the program is 100% ok.
    But this file confirmation not work on Bin file,
    becouse that is file format what is changing always...
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