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Opera 11.50

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  • aymentupac
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    • Mar 2010
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    Opera 11.50



    [B]Opera 11.50 [/B]




    Opera is an internet browser that came along long before big hitters like Firefox and Chrome.

    Opera 11.50 keeps the general design and functionality of the highly-praised Opera 11.10, but adds convenient improved features like an improved Speed Dial, Password Syncing across devices and a faster rendering engine. As regards the interface, Opera 11.50 features a slightly cleaner GUI with a focus on webpages instead of buttons and menus. Overall, Opera 11.50 isn't a huge change compared to the last version, but it has been improved with some nice new features.

    The big innovation in the last version of Opera was extensions and while the choice of browser enhancements is still fairly limited, when you install or uninstall add-ons, you don't have to restart your browser like you do with Firefox. Opera 11.50 runs just as quickly as Google Chrome (the developer claims it's even faster) and the rendering engine has been tweaked slightly to offer an even faster browsing experience.

    The forward-thinking Unite is still here, allowing you to share your stuff directly with friends and more. Visual Tabs and Tab Stacking is useful if you often have too many open, and there are now visual mouse gestures. These are well implemented, and accessed by holding the right mouse button which brings up a translucent guide to mouse gestures. This is a great introduction for people who've never used gestures, and hopefully allows for greater use in the future.

    There's still an integrated mail client, which continues Opera 11's move towards doing everything you need in one application. The newest features or improvements of note in 11.50 are Speed Dial and Password Syncing. The most notable improvement has been to Speed Dial which instead of simply giving easy access to your favorite sites, now allows you to embed your Speed Dial with dynamic information - in other words, web apps within Opera. Meanwhile Password Syncing allows you to sync passwords across machines and devices - just sign-up for an account and Opera does the rest. There have also been some HTML5 improvements for developers such as Session History, Navigation and the W3C File API.

    Opera 11.50 is a definite improvement on Opera 11.10 although the changes aren't revolutionary. However, if you're looking for a new browser, this is probably the most innovative currently on the market and is well worth installing.

    Incredibly fast
    Handy Speed Dial functionality
    Tab stacks
    Mail client
    Password Syncing


    Fewer extensions than other browsers



    Portuguese BR
    Portuguese PT

    December 16, 2008
    June 28, 2011
    Opera | More programs (24)
    Recent changes:
    Speed Dial extensions Speed Dial are the one of the most enduring and popular Opera features. Now, instead of simply giving easy access to your favorite sites, you can embed your Speed Dial with extensions that put dynamic information right at your fingertips.

    More versatile Speed Dial Speed Dial makes it easier and faster to access your favorite sites. The new Speed Dial flow feature gives you an unlimited number of dials. While Speed Dial automatically adjusts layout to fit your screen, you can define the layout depending on your preference, and an improved zoom slider in the configuration menu lets you arrange your Speed Dial to fit any monitor.

    Password synchronization Opera Link can now optionally synchronize your passwords across different Opera desktop browsers. Security is of paramount concern when trusting your information to a third-party, so we described exactly how we keep your personal information safe.

    Featherweight design New Opera design puts the emphasis on web content, not the browser.

    Faster and stronger Opera is now 10-15% faster on SVG rendering thanks to an overhaul of our core code and software graphics engine. Our engineers crushed many bugs to make this version of Opera our most stable yet.

    Goodies for developers Eager to get your hands dirty with all of the new stuff in HTML5? We've got you covered. Opera 11.50 adds Session History and Navigation, the W3C File API, classlist and the element to our already advanced HTML5 support.
    Minimum requirements:

    Processor: 1.8 GHz.
    Memory: 1 GB.
    Video: 2 GB.
    Free space: 350 MB.
    .NET Framework 2.

    Recommended requirements:

    Processor: 3 GHz.
    Memory: 2 GB.
    Video: 2 GB.
    Free space: 650 MB.








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