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CCcamInfoPHP v0.8.6 (DT6)

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  • metehan47
    • Jul 2011
    • 35

    CCcamInfoPHP v0.8.6 (DT6)

    CCcamInfoPHP v0.8.6 (DT6)


    Here is a new version CCcamInfoPHP v0.8.6 (DT6).

    First of all I wish to thank friend XBlaster for developing the new logo and KanalDeCode friend for help in correcting some graphics.

    This release took some time to leave, because the year was a little fearful at work and this year also did not guess any better ...

    I also want to say here that this work may be available elsewhere, provided they refer to their author zegato and the name of this great forum, DragTeam.

    This version is designed to 100% for the Portuguese language so I ask that if anyone wants to translate into other languages, and strength you provide me by pm and then update the version.

    Changes / implementations in this new version of the program (are in the readme.txt, plays the read), but here are:

    - Correction of some graphs.
    - Correction of some bugs and information (less than 5 clients).
    - Change the form to record data (some fields are no longer required, eg dreambox login, password dreambox, dreambox port and email).
    - Option to create clines.
    - Verification of the password in dreambox Hack (Tested at 500, 7020 and 800).
    - Weather that is offline to the customers.
    - Insert / send email in offline clients.
    - Insert / email servers.

    Menus in the service - Dropdown option in Cccam.fg:
    - Enable / disable lines of clients and servers without having to delete or insert rows in a CCcam.cfg #.
    - Updating clients cccam - Update on implementation of existing customers and those that actually exist (in offline there was a small bug that when removing the CCcam.cfg they continued to appear in offline)).

    Very important: Do not copy the config.php file for other versions of this - does not work!

    Pass: CCcamInfoPHPDT6

    Download HERE