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Package Algeria from 27 channel high-definition HD system during the next 6 months

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  • lulezim
    • Mar 2010
    • 4081

    Package Algeria from 27 channel high-definition HD system during the next 6 months

    Package Algeria from 27 channel high-definition HD system during the next 6 months

    The package includes a group of Algerian channels:

    - The channel floor.

    - Algerian III.

    - channel Canal Algérie Algeria

    - Quran TV

    - TV Kabylie

    - TV Aures

    - TV Alsawrp

    - Oasis TV

    - TV Hoggar

    - Tassili TV

    - TV Constantine

    - - TV and Oran

    - 1 Sports

    - Sports 2

    - Channel News

    - TV documentary

    - a channel of knowledge

    - Algeria's history

    - from our kitchen

    - Kids Channel

    - Al Rai

    - a series of popular Andalusian

    - Music from Algeria

    - Channel People's Assembly

    - Humor Channel

    - Films from Algeria

    - a series of world cinema

    as well as dozens of radio channels broadcast quality digital broadcasting through the same satellite. And will provide more information about this qualitative leap in the large Algerian television soon.

    This package can be seen on the new satellite telecommunications and wireless Algerian ALSAT 3 (0 ° W at the equator, the lessons to the soil of Mostaganem Province), and is the moon will be launched on: May 26, 2010, of the Center Hamakir (State Bashar al.)

    to indicate The Space Centre Hamakir has already been used to launch rockets of the first French into space and continued to work until the late sixties, when I asked the Algerian government from its French counterpart to stop using their territory to launch rockets.

    and resumed work at the space center in 2007, in strict confidentiality. The team of engineers and researchers Algerians gave U.S. space agency NASA (Nasa) and as well as from the space center Kourou (Kourou), to install a new release on the same site the old French.

    also managed a second team made the first rocket Algeria Aures 1, and this in Laboratories Center Arzew (Oran). Finally, enabling a third party, who has previous experience with ALSAT ALSAT-1 and 2, of the completion of the new satellite, which is a type of fixed ground (géo-stationnaire), directed to telecommunications. This will be the first time in the history of telecommunications in Algeria. It is planned for a rally at the base Hamakir (State Bashar al-), the presence of the higher authorities, and several special guests