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Satellite abbreviations & terms

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  • anacondama
    • Jul 2010
    • 643

    Satellite abbreviations & terms

    ACTUATOR A motorised control arm which is used to move a satellite dish East or West when sent the required signals

    ALGORITHM The mathamatical expression which is used to scramble & decode the data stream of satellite transmissions

    ALTDVB DVB-S Viewer software for Pc

    APID Audio Packet Identifier - identified by a number eg: 292 might be German & 293 English

    ARC Refers to the Clarke Belt named after Arthur C Clarke the famous scientist & writer. Satellites are located on this ARC in a Geo-Stationary orbit. This mean that they appear stationary to a viewer on the Earth (eg; a satellite dish). The ARC is approx 23400 miles above the Earth. A satellite at the highest point on the ARC has the highest dish Elevation. Moving East or West of centre has a lower Elevation. Practical views from Earth are 60º East to 60º West

    AU Automatic Update- usually of keys updated automatically

    BIN BINARY: eg: .bin = binary file

    Biss Basic Interoperable Scrambling System - Type of Encryption

    BLIND SCAN Method for satellite receiver to find the less common s/r channels (eg: Feeds)

    C Band Satellite Band 3.4GHz to 4.8Ghz (Still in use but less common now)

    CAM Conditional Access Module - Smartcard Reader for CAS

    CAS Conditional Access System - Method of providing or denying authorisation to view payTv

    CAT Conditional Access Table

    CI (Ci) Common Interface - slot for installing a Cam

    db A logarithmic measurement unit used for measuring the noise figures of an LNB. The lower the better

    DBS Direct Broadcasting by Satellite

    DCW Direct Control Word - usually as a 16 bit Hexadecimal number which can unscramble a channel when necessary

    DEC Decimal - number in base 10

    DiSEqC Digital Satellite Equipment Control - a communication protocol for use between a satellite receiver and a multi-LNB switch or dish motor

    DVB Digital Video Broadcasting

    DVB-C Digital Video Broadcasting by Cable

    DVB-S Digital Video Broadcasting by Satellite signal

    DVB-T Digital Video Broadcasting by Terrestrial signal

    ECM Electronic Counter Measure - Signal sent to update legitimate smartcards or 'knock-out' illegal smartcards

    EIRP Effective Isotropic Radiated Power - Measured in KiloWatts (kw)

    ELEVATION The angle of the dish in the vertical plane

    EMM Entitlement Management Message - Qualifies your right to view pay Tv

    EMU Emulator - Software or Hardware that imitates a system (eg; a CAM)

    EPG Electronic Programme Guide

    FEED Temporary uplink transmission of live events or news items

    FEEDHORN The Waveguide which directs the satellite Microwave signal to the LNB's receiving elements

    FEC Forward Error Correction

    FIRMWARE The satellite receivers operating system

    GHz Frequency range. 1000Mhz = 1GHz

    H Horizontal Polarisation

    HD (HDTV) High Definition Tv picture standard as a result of increased Line Scanning

    HEXADECIMAL (Hex) Number system to base 16 - 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

    JACK Motorised arm used to push or pull a Polar Mount to move a satellite dish to a satellites position

    JTAG Joint Test Action Group - is the usual name used for the IEEE 1149.1 Standard Test Access Port
    used for testing printed circuit boards using boundary scan. Often used to re-flash damaged stb bootloaders

    KEYS The 8 or 16 bit Hex number which is the key to unlock the algorithm of the scrambled channel

    Ku BAND Satellite Band 10.700Ghz to 12750GHz (Most used)

    LAT/LONG Lattitude & Longitude - A position on the Earth expressed in degrees. Needed for USALS operation

    LNB Low Noise Block Converter - Downconverter for the satellite signal

    LNBf Low Noise Block Converter with feedhorn - Downconverter for the satellite signal

    LOADER Piece of software which interfaces the STB to the Computer to upload the Patch & Keys

    MAC Media Access Control address

    MSS Mobile Satellite System

    MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group

    MPEG2 Usual method of Video format for domestic satellite Tv

    MPEG4 High Definition format for domestic satellite Tv

    MUX Multi Channel (also Multiplex)

    NETWORK SEARCH Method to scan for new transponders using the satellites Network Allocation Table.. thus finding all available channels

    NIT Network Information Table

    OFFSET DISH Type of satellite dish which is a section of a larger prime focus dish. The LNB is mounted off-centre and doesn't obstruct the signal to the dish

    PACKAGE Group of channels in the providers satellite Tv bouquet

    PAT Program Association Table (MPEG-2 TS)

    PATCH A piece of software that Emulates a CAM to decode scrambled channels

    PID Packet Identifier for Audio & Video streams. One channel may have many Audio tracks (APIDS)

    POLAR MOUNT Satellite dish mounting that tracks the Clarke Belt when moved left to right (or vice versa)

    PRIME FOCUS Type of satellite dish which has a central LNB feed (Usually 1.2M size or greater). The LNB partially obstructs the signal to the dish

    QPSK Quadrature Phase Shift Keying

    ROM Read Only Memory eg: Rom142 refers to a read only memory named 142

    RS232 Serial Interface Standard used by computers on the COM ports.. (often meaning a Null-Moden cable in satellite use)

    SCAN Method for a satellite receiver to find satellite channels by looking at all the available transponder frequencies

    SD or SDTV TV Standard Definition TV

    SKEW The rotation angle (+/-) that the LNBf needs to be adjusted to match a satellites longitude

    SIT Satellite interactive terminal

    SOFTCAM Collection of 8bit & 16bit keys used to unlock an encryption

    S/PDIF Specifies a Data Link protocol for carrying digital audio signals between devices and stereo components
    The name stands for Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format (more commonly known as Sony Philips Digital InterFace)

    STB Set Top Box - eg: satellite receiver

    S/R (SR) Symbol Rate - speed rate of data transmission bits

    TS Transport Stream - Name of the digital data received by a satellite receiver

    USALS Universal Satellites Automatic Location System - a satellite motor protocol that automatically creates a list of available satellite positions in a motorised satellite dish setup. By providing the LAT/LONG position of the receiving dish USALS can calculate where each satellite is from the dish

    V Vertical Polarisation

    VPID Video Packet Identifier - identified by a number

    Vplug Software multiCAS emulator plugin

    V_keys Keys used for Vplug

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