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viac.3 Key CanalSat France 19°E

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  • anil1
    Experienced Member
    • Mar 2010
    • 487

    viac.3 Key CanalSat France 19°E

    Time: 20.06.2010 21:08:58

    viac.3 Key CanalSat France 19°E

    V 032820 08 8484F32D0A83968B1D9CD592C2720747 ; Service key
    V 032820 D1 89CBB54EEB94E350 ; Des1_Key
    V 032820 X1 468A85B4B45F4D4A ; XORArray
    V 032820 P1 0704020305000601 ; PermArray
    V 032820 C1 8700768A351729D5 ; ChainArray
    V 032820 T1 6F648B8C91F609635A9CB6F25DAAE188CF664A657CFA480836 75342286EC771FEBF7E3ADB8D4BA9BE68AD5C9C7DDF47387C8 E9E0C2553F748FD9317E596DFC25BE19EEFB43ABE74F6042C1 8230C61C50D1CB85DA92DC7DCDD23D243561F0CA07909EC497 ED8D5212D6F10D3754B0704D45999AF53AA6B5162C20589632 2D040EB2560C03A0A36B2BA8A44B2E445EB4792AC5BF15AE0B 68BBDBB3D74910EAEF89288E3E13396EA91B76B9381E0F574E 479FB1FE9498FFF923A1005C95806A78C36784D8272FC00AF8 7A51626C7BBDF321D35BA246E4AF53CE1A26E2411D02938301 33BCD0724CE86905CC7FFDE518A5DE171471B7819D293CAC40 A7DF11065F3B ; TransformTable
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  • rpl
    Junior Member
    • Mar 2010
    • 27

    Re: viac.3 Key CanalSat France 19°E

    already posted http://www.satlover.com/forum/14363-post3.html and

    It's only for new vplug, algo via3.0 not public jet